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Refund Policy

Our refund policy has been devised to define the situations under which Website Pandas will provide a refund, the procedure for claiming a refund and the responsibility of Website Pandas in circumstances resulting in such a claim. By registering for any of our services you are declaring that you accept and agree with all the terms and conditions outlined in the refund policy.
All the information that we collect is utilized for improving our website’s content, to notify the clients about our website updates or to look into the problem with their request. In case you do not want to receive any email from us in the future, please inform us by writing to us at support@websitepandas.com or filling contact us form on our website.

Our Guarantee
Your website will be designed by one of our Professional & Experienced Web Designers, who will do their best to deliver you the aesthetically pleasing website you deserve and at a cost you can afford. When you choose Website Pandas as your web design company, you get a partner for your online success.

Feedback & Approval
To ensure your complete satisfaction we will build your site in a hidden folder under our domain allowing you access to each and every page. This empowers you by giving you the ability to offer creative feedback and input regarding the changes that you desire from the comfort of your home or office. We will work with you step-by-step through the development process to ensure the site is meeting your expressed needs and exceeding your expectations. Once we have mutually agreed that the site is finished and ready to publish – then, and only then, you are obligated to pay us the balance for our web design services. Once we have received payment we will publish your website to your domain.

Eligibility for refund
At Website Pandas, we make sure that we handle each project with utmost care and professionalism. We offer a 21 day money back guarantee from the date of payment for a respective service. Following are the applicable terms & conditions for a refund during this period.

1. If we receive a refund request within 21 days for any web design or development project, then we will refund the amount after deducting the payment gateway fees and the hours worked by us during this time (if any) at flat hourly rate of $35.
2. No refund would be issued, if client has approved the mock up.
3. No refund would be issued, if the website has gone live.
4. Refund not applicable for any delays at client side in terms of approval or providing information.
5. Monthly Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing plans can also be cancelled at any time, but are not eligible for a refund
6. Refund not applicable on domain registration fees.
7. We offer a flat 50% refund on annual hosting packages as long as the refund request if raised within180 days from the renewal date.
8. No refund is applicable on special packages
9. If we receive a refund request post 21 days, Website Pandas may accept a refund request in some cases, at our discretion. An Instance where we would accept a request for a refund would be if Website Pandas and client are unable to work together in a communicative and professional manner or if creative differences force an end to all work. If this is the case it will always be, if the amount of hours (at flat hourly rate of $35) put towards the job is less than the total amount of the deposit paid for the job. If this is the case, the remaining monies left after billing for all hours to date can be refunded to the client& all work will cease.

If we receive a chargeback or payment dispute (i.e. PayPal Dispute) from a credit card company or bank, your service and/or project will be suspended without notice. A $50 chargeback fee (issued to recover fees passed on to us by the credit company), plus any outstanding balances accrued as a result of the chargeback(s) must be paid in full before service is restored, files delivered, or any further work is done. Instead of issuing a chargeback, contact us to address any billing issues. Requesting a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute for a valid charge from us is fraud, and is never an appropriate or legal means of obtaining a refund. Please read and make sure you fully understand our refund policy prior to making a payment.

If you have queries or suggestions regarding our refund policies, kindly e–mail us at support@websitepandas.com