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Direct response copywriters – how would you write the worst copy ever?

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How would you write the worst copy ever? How long should it be? What tone is appropriate for this type of article, and what key points need to be covered to claim that Direct Response Copywriters are terrible at their jobs. Do not worry! I have compiled some common pitfalls, mistakes, and downright awful examples from other writers so we can all learn together how NOT to do things when writing direct response copy. Read on as we explore these crucial topics:

What does your headline say about you? Why people don’t buy anything online anymore:

The worst copy is typically written with a “sales” tone, but even if it’s not “sales,” poor writing can cause readers to shy away because they are just trying to avoid being agitated or bored. Yet, some of these poor examples (cited in subsequent paragraphs) show how disastrous it can be when that doesn’t happen! Take, for instance, the words on this site’s homepage as an excerpt: “We sell top quality beads at prices so low we’re practically giving them away!”

What is the tone of this headline? What does it say about the company and its products as a result? Why would anyone buy anything from them if they’re practically giving things away?! It’s obvious: you wouldn’t.

The essential words in any sentence – why they matter (and I’m serious):

The following pull quote has some great information, but it’s not very well written or formatted for easy reading, which can make readers disengage quickly with content on a site. They’ll likely skim read over it without fully getting what was said because of errors like missing punctuation and paragraphs that don’t start immediately after one another.

Direct response copywriting

Do headlines get enough attention?

Summing up an entire campaign in one sentence – the dangers of doing this: When writing copy for marketing purposes, there is no need to be overly wordy or descriptive. The following example shows how even if that doesn’t happen, but inadequate grammar rules are used instead (excessive use of commas) and bad formatting (no spacing between paragraphs), it will not keep readers interested long enough to read anything else on the site. “We know your needs from across many industries-just let us know where we should target our services!”

How to make your headlines and copy irresistible by learning from the mistakes of other writers:

The final lesson we’ll take away is that when you’re writing, it’s best to use lots of sensory details because humans are naturally drawn into these types of messages. If they read a headline with powerful words like “You want this” or “I’m not kidding,” readers will be more inclined to click on them.


We’ve all seen some terrible copy in our day, but have you ever wondered how to write it? Well, get ready because we’re going to show you what the worst copywriting looks like. The best way is with a tongue-in-cheek approach that’s not afraid of offending anyone. Did your last email campaign come up short and need an extra push? Follow these simple steps for writing the worst copy ever!

Ankur Goyal
Ankur Goyal

Ankur is a Digital Evangelist with over 20 years of work experience. Ankur has been managing Google and Facebook Ads for over ten years. He loves the digital world and everything about it! His goal is to help as many businesses as possible by sharing his knowledge of online marketing with them.

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