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There are many ways of giving your ecommerce store a fresh look. Most business owners grab Shopify free and paid themes for a quick change. Those who are adventurous opt for custom themes. It is because they know that it’s the best way to control the look, features, and functionality of their online stores. They are the ones who benefit the most.

When starting an online business, during the nascent stages, critical business decisions need to be taken. At this stage, you need to choose what works best for your business success- a paid theme that millions of other ecommerce business owners may have bought and are using or a custom theme that is unique to your business personality and goals. As an authorized Shopify partner, we recommend a custom theme for your online store.

Let us take you through our custom theme development process and show you how we create a Shopify theme that matches your business goals and creativity.

Understanding a Theme

Shopify Custom theme development

A theme is a plug-and-run solution that allows you to customize your online store. Shopify marketplace has a library of visually appealing free and premium themes that are pre-built and need to be installed and customized accordingly.

The only benefit to such paid and free themes is its ability to get your Shopify store up and running almost instantly. They can take your store from conception to completion in just a few hours. A custom theme development process can take weeks to months. But it gives you more control over your store, allowing you to explore and integrate a combination of elements that work best to attract customers, drive traffic to your store, enhance sale conversion and revenue.

A few reasons why most Shopify experts will not recommend the use of a pre-built theme, which are;

  • Limited scalability & customization
  • Not designed to appeal to your target audience
  • Designed for aesthetics and not for conversions

The best alternative to any pre-built theme is a custom theme for your Shopify store.

Why opt for a custom theme development for your Shopify theme?

It is safe to expect that your store will grow, expand and want to succeed further in the long haul. A custom-built Shopify theme gives you the advantage to scale up and the control and freedom to modify your online store the way you want to see it grow.

You are creating a memorable, credible, and recognizable brand experience when using a custom theme that has been validated by your customers. Most importantly, you have complete control over each of your Shopify store page layouts and elements that will put your store above your competition. For result-oriented ecommerce business owners, custom theme development is the way forward if you desire the freedom to implement and test your website to see its impact on customers, their shopping behavior, and the checkout experience.

Build your business with a custom theme developed for your Shopify store.

Shopify is a platform that has helped to reinvent what it takes to deliver a top-notch online shopping experience for customers while maximizing ROI. It has established itself as one of the most preferred platforms for start-ups and enterprises of all sizes.

The theme design of your Shopify store is a core aspect to regard. It is the face of your store and speaks to your customers. It conveys your brand story to them. It is the first thing a customer notices when they visit an online store and could be the reason for converting them to buyers. So it has to be done right.

A few ecommerce business owners choose free and paid themes. It is a decision that may hinder the visual appearance of your store, especially where a custom theme development is needed.

Custom theme development service that makes you smile and customers delighted.

Shopify Custom theme developer

The real performance and quality of an ecommerce store boils down to its visual appearance and user experience. We combine the best practices and the latest technology to develop custom themes that leave your competition behind.

Our in-house experts specialize in Shopify custom theme development, and oh, we also happen to be a highly-regarded Shopify partner.

Products or services are just one of the elements towards realizing online success. Many other factors have to work in synergy to build a successful ecommerce business. One of these factors is your theme design.

As Shopify partners, we offer our clients a priceless opportunity to develop a custom theme for a thriving online business. Our competent Shopify custom theme development service keeps all factors in mind to give you an ecommerce store that meets and exceeds your customer expectations.

The visual appearance of your Shopify determines how your visitors will behave. It determines the actions they will take when browsing through your website. A dull, look-alike design (mostly seen with pre-built themes) might trigger many of your visitors to leave your site just seconds after they visit it. Such website designs demotivate visitors to take action on your online store.

If you want to present your Shopify store as a brand that knows its customers and reflects your business goals, a Shopify custom theme development and customization is the way forward. It will showcase a visually attractive theme that instantly catches the eye and attention of your target audience.

At Website Pandas, we have created fully custom themes and altered existing ones. Regardless, we can help you with an attractive custom theme design that matches your business needs.

We develop custom Shopify themes that comply with the current best practices of ecommerce business guidelines, giving your online store a chance to beat your competitors.

Working with Website Pandas for your custom theme development needs ensures you get a certified Shopify partner that knows what your business needs to scale up.

We have an in-depth understanding of which theme design will be just right for your business niche and customers. We accommodate your inputs and our creative ideas and with the right theme design strategy to formulate a Shopify store design that appeals to your visitors.

We have successfully delivered custom theme development and customization services that have worked amazingly for our clients. Have a chat with us, and we will let you into our world of custom-designed themes that will leave you in awe.

It is tough to know which theme designs and apps to choose when setting up your Shopify store. Don’t worry. We use our years of experience to design and develop a custom theme that is right for your business. And this is just the first step. When you work with us, you get a Shopify store that will launch your business and take it to the next level.

We will pen down a comprehensive assessment of your business with prioritized action points to convert misaligned, under-performing websites into a compelling and productive ones. We will identify the key drivers that drive your website to get tangible results.

You will get a custom theme blueprint for achieving increased:

  • Visibility, traffic, and sales conversion
  • Customer experience, engagement, and loyalty
  • Streamlined operations and management

Our custom theme development blueprint is not an off-the-shelf or canned process. We do not present you with a jargon-filled presentation that confuses you either. We personalize our methods as per client needs. We do not believe in using thinly-veiled attempts to sell you expensive custom theme development packages, and neither ignore inexpensive opportunities to make your Shopify store better.

Our custom theme development blueprint is our roadmap to offering you an attractive website driven by your core business values and goals.

Areas We Assess

Q. How well does your ecommerce store support and empower your business model?

A. Misalignment equals wasted money and effort.

Q. How clear and compelling is your brand messaging?

A. A confused brand message never sells.

Q. How engaging is your content to visitors?

A. Off-target and dull content deflects potential customers.

Q. How easy is it to buy from your Shopify store?

A. Shopping experience hiccups cost sales.

Q. How well does your Shopify store integrate with your business tools?

A. Disconnected data management destroys productive operations.

Q. How well is your business leveraging your online presence?

A. Strategic use of multiple sales channels reinforces your brand message.

Q. How easy is it to find your Shopify store?

A. Guess we have talked about this enough times.

Q. What is the experience of your visitors; ease flow or irritation?

A. A delightful, hassle-free theme design attracts customers.

Q.What are the technical issues that hinder your Shopify store?

A. Slow-running ecommerce websites disrupted loading, and broken links cost sales and loyalty.

Get a business-savvy custom theme that is truly productive and attracts new business, delighted customers, and disruption-free operations.

Q. Want a responsive and fully-functional custom theme for your Shopify store? Look no further.

A. Let us design a custom theme for your business and customers and one that enriches your user experience and compels your visitors to become customers, and get customers to choose your Shopify store as their preferred shopping destination.