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    A Common Thought – What’s In The Brand Name?

    A strong brand identity can give you an immediate advantage over your competitors. It is the most valuable asset of your business in driving differentiation and boosting acceptance. Your brand identity can either make or break your success.

    Finding the right brand name is critical when setting up a Shopify business if you want to stand out from the crowd. We are happy to share a few ideas.

    You have to put effort and time into arriving at a brand name that reflects your business values, culture, and offerings and connects with your target audience instantly. It is how your customers will recognize and connect with you and talk about you.

    Why Is Brand Strategy Important?

    Your brand is powerful. Think of it as the face of your Shopify business. So when a customer thinks of or talks about you, your brand should be the first thing that comes to their minds. That face could be one that is good or bad, and strong or weak. The perception of your brand depends on the impact that brand-face has on them.

    Your brand identity should emotionally connect with your customers and leave a lasting impression.

    From delighted customers to high-profit margins, there are many benefits.

    • Build customer loyalty
    • Enhance word-of-mouth marketing
    • Stand out from competitors in your market niche
    • Command higher pricing for products or services

    With the popularity of Shopify, anyone can start an ecommerce store. The only issue this gives rise to is every other Shopify store looks similar. It calls for the need to have a unique brand strategy that defines your brand identity and sells for you. For creating an impactful brand strategy, you need experts who understand your market competition and business goals.

    The best way to stand out is through branding.

    How To Build A Brand Strategy When Using Shopify?

    Every brand has a story, and your logo should represent it. You could have the best page about your business with a story that captures hearts. But, without a logo, your brand story is incomplete. One visual element alone cannot condense your story and represent your business values and culture.

    Building Brand Strategy By Understanding Your Customers

    Before you start selling online, it’s always good to know who your buyers are. If not, even if you build the perfect brand identity, it will not resonate with the right target audience. Think about it. The way you sell your product that targets people aged 50+ will be different from selling to people aged 20 to 45.

    Let us say you own a Shopify store that allows customers to purchase a personalized pen for children. Your brand strategy should focus on attracting children in this case. Using bright patterns and colors is an apt way to grab the attention of children.

    Compare this with a Shopify store that sells personalized branded pens for business owners. Despite selling the same product, it would have a different appearance to people of a particular age group.

    A clear idea of who your customers are is a helpful guide in building your branding experience.

    As a Shopify eCommerce owner, you get to decide who your customers will be and then work on the brand strategy to match them.

    • The age group of your target customers?
    • How your product will change their lives (for them to want to buy your products)?
    • Are my products good-to-have or a necessity?
    • Does my product cater to a specific gender?
    • How should my products make my customers feel?

    These aren’t just questions. These are ways to get a clear picture of the audience you want to target, based on which you can then build your brand strategy.

    Build Brand Strategy By Understanding Why You Are Running Your Business

    When you think about this headline, you think about why your brand exists. There are competitors, and a part of building your Shopify brand strategy involves an in-depth knowledge of WHY?

    When you know the WHY, your next step would be to make it known to your potential customers.

    Customers will buy from an online shop that they believe would thrive in the long haul and not one they think will sink soon.

    A brand strategy enables you to show the benefits of your Shopify business to your customers. It conveys your brand uniqueness and what makes it different.

    We have already established the fact that many Shopify stores tend to look alike. It means you need a brand strategy that spotlights your store- implementing unique features and functionalities that set your online shop apart from others.

    One of the best ways to ensure this is to have a good brand strategy right from the start so that your branding is consistent throughout.

    Ask. Does your Shopify store reflect the image you are trying to put across to your audience?

    In short, the aim is to ensure your entire Shopify website feels and speaks like your branding strategy.

    Conversations with customers are a way to get inputs or feedback to improve your products and refresh your brand strategy. Ensure you ask your customers to share a review or feedback and add those to your site. It is a natural process for your business to mature and should be a welcome move. Constructive feedback helps you build or refresh your brand strategy that your customers resonate well with and love.

    The ultimate aim for an ecommerce business store is to strengthen your brand strategy enough that even if customers have had a bad experience, they continue as your customer instead of opting out. To make this happen, you need to show that your Shopify brand is committed to helping and supporting customers through constructive feedback and reviews.

    Show your customers that you are serious about fixing issues if they give you a one- or two-star rating. Reach out to offer a solution by a refund or replacement.

    The actions you take to fix issues will go a long way to showing your existing and prospective customers that you care. Nothing screams “Amazing Brand!” more than a Shopify store that shows they care. The actions will help establish your brand presence. It will help paint a memorable picture of it in the minds of your customers. Customer retention improves, and the sales conversion rate increases.

    Benefits Of Building A Shopify Brand Strategy

    Brand strategy building is not limited to merely refurbishing the logo and branding elements. It goes in-depth. It requires you to look at all aspects of your business that helps decide what you want your brand to be and look like and what feeling it should evoke. It also involves taking strategic measures to put the strategy into action.

    What Next After You Have A Stable Brand?

    You benefit from being able to convert a new shopper or retain an existing one even if they could buy the products you offer from somewhere else.

    A recent survey states that most shoppers buy the brand.

    Final Thoughts About Shopify Brand Strategy Building

    Remember, even with a low budget, building a brand strategy should be your top priority. It is achievable if you hire the right people for the task.

    Once we have a solid brand strategy, we build your brand. You then benefit by staying consistent in the thoughts of your customers. It also amps up word-of-mouth marketing.

    Build A Strong Brand Strategy With Website Pandas

    We help communicate your business values

    We help you figure out what your brand stands for and how to communicate it to your consumers.

    We help you identify shortcomings in your brand experience

    You will struggle to earn the trust and loyalty of customers whose experience with your brand has been inconsistent. Customers trust your brand when their experiences of it meet or exceed their expectations consistently.

    We help filter out all the ideas that can damage your brand-building strategy efforts

    You can easily get carried away by the shiny object syndrome (SOS). A clear brand strategy enables you to make prudent decisions with ease.

    We create accountability

    Continuing along the same vein, committing to a clear brand strategy ensures that everyone is kept accountable.

    We help you with laser-focus marketing efforts

    We ensure your brand strategy syncs with your marketing campaigns. We know who you are targeting, what they care about, and how to speak to them.

    We help enhance your Shopify store valuation

    Start-ups will love this. Want to raise capital from your investors or planning an exit? A clear brand strategy gives investors an indication that you have carefully thought about ways to use your valuable assets. The action, in turn, helps validate your Shopify store.

    Our designers do better, more effective work

    A brand strategy helps judge the effectiveness of your logo design. It tells how well it reflects your business culture and values.

    Be on the same page, always

    It is pretty hard to beat your competitors. A large part of the brand strategy process is bringing all the elements to work collectively as one unit and getting customers to buy into your brand vision.

    Ready to build your brand strategy? Talk to us today!

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