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    Extend The Reach Of Your Shopify Store Using Sales Channel Partners

    One of the biggest challenges of any ecommerce business is scaling revenue.

    Even if you hire a diligent sales team, invest in efficiency-boosting tools, and eliminate all distractions, there is a limited selling-hour you have in a day. Moreover, recruiting a sales team is expensive.

    Agree that you have a line-up of great products or services. But it is not enough to boost sales and revenue if they are not in front of your target audience. It may also seem easy to sell online in an age of ecommerce. But without a well-defined sales channel model, you might stand little to no chance of reaching your target consumers and improving your Shopify store sales.

    Let us explore the potentially game-changing sales channel model and help fine-tune your approach to drive sales for your Shopify store.

    What Is A Sales Channel Setup Model?

    You can sell through third-party partners such as affiliate partners, resellers, value-added partners, or any other partner that does not work for you directly. When you use a well-targeted sales channel model, your Shopify store can reach more customers. It can drive traffic and improve sales conversions and revenue.

    You require expertise and an in-depth understanding of the ecommerce market scenario to set up a sales channel model that works. If you end up using a sales channel that is driving sales away from your Shopify store, you will be incurring more costs for little or no benefit.

    Benefits Of Sales Channel Model For Shopify Store


    A well-known sales channel partner within the ecommerce market lets you avoid all the hard work of establishing your online presence. Your product or service will automatically be more credible because of their advocacy and endorsement.


    When you pair your Shopify store with sales channel partners, it can bring in revenue that 4-5 salespeople bring at a fraction of the cost.

    Rapid Tests

    When you set up sales channel partners, you can experiment with a new customer base, products, services, packages, promotions, or marketing campaigns in a low-stakes space.


    If your customers need support for a product or service, your sales channel partners can offer those services, and you can focus on closing new business deals without sacrificing your existing customer base.

    It’s no rocket science. If you don’t use credible and popular sales channels, you could be missing out on a pool of potential customers who would buy from you directly.

    Drive More Sales

    The ultimate attraction for a Shopify store is the scale of its online presence. You can use your Shopify store to sell across multiple selling channels while Shopify automatically tracks your orders and manages your inventory.

    Grow Your Customer Base

    Build connections with your existing and potential customers by putting your products or services in front of millions of online shoppers. You increase your opportunities for repeat business through quality sale and attentive customer service.

    Boost Shopify Sales

    Customize where you want your products or services to appear. Raising the credibility of your Shopify store will ensure the right shoppers notice you.

    Using Shopify To Sell On Different Sales Channels

    Shopify lets you sell via their shopping cart and by integrating other sales channels.

    According to a recent study, marketplaces made up almost 58% of online sales. Amazon and eBay have an established audience. Amazon alone attracts nearly 85 million visitors every month. The traffic offers an opportunity for selling your products or services.

    Enjoy increased sales with less effort. Sync your products or services with result-oriented sales channels in Shopify and manage your order without ever leaving your Shopify store. Shopify connects to the sales channels, updates your inventory, pricing, images, and descriptions in real-time. By connecting each sales channel to Shopify, you can keep track of your products, orders, and customers; all in one place.

    Online Sales Channels Integrated With Shopify

    A look at some of the Shopify sales channels to help you succeed.


    Post and sell your products or services directly from the ‘Shop’ tab with an onsite checkout on your store’s Facebook page.


    Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace. It has been reported that 55% of customers start their product/ service searches on Amazon, not search engines. It illustrates the extent to which your Shopify business can be discovered on Amazon for boosted sales. Sync and manage your Shopify products/services and Amazon listings through Shopify in one single location.


    Integrate your Shopify store with eBay and connect to more than 171 million active buyers. Sync your products/ services between your Shopify account and eBay account in just a few minutes.

    ‘Buy’ Button

    Sell by embedding a ‘Buy Button’ on ecommerce sites that connect with your Shopify store’s checkout page. The ‘Buy Button’ is a versatile tool that does exactly what it is supposed to do. Add a full-fledged ecommerce functionality to your Shopify store or pretty much anywhere else where you have built your online audience, which includes product pages, an embedded cart, and a secure checkout page. Customize it to match the branding of the online store it will be embedded on. Use it for individual products/ services or a collection of them.


    Research reveals that 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to make purchases, and 52% have noticed products/ services on Pinterest and later had purchased it/them from some other online site/s. Take your Shopify store to the next level by integrating it with Pinterest. Create ‘Buyable buttons’’ for products/ services that customers can buy within Pinterest without leaving the site.


    Recently, Messenger has made huge strides in the ecommerce space and is quickly becoming an essential sales channel for products. Sell products or services through direct conversations with customers on Messenger. You can send orders and shipping notifications, and also respond to customer queries directly. You can use Shopify Ping with the Messenger channel.


    Widely regarded as the second most popular social media platform in the world, IG is known for its high engagement rate. Almost 75% of IG users take action after viewing a post of a product/ service. Users are 70% more likely to make purchases via IG using smartphones. In other words, Instagram drives action, turning visits into purchases. Add shopping tags to your product/service images that link to your product pages and securely checkout in the app.

    Wholesale channel

    Sell products or services at wholesale rates in a separate, password-protected storefront. The wholesale channel model is available only to sellers with Shopify Plus plans.


    List your products/ services on the Handshake directory. Contact us to learn more about selling your products on wholesale.

    If you need help integrating other online sales channels available for Shopify, the best place to start is by contacting us.

    When Using Different Sales Channels, Ensure

    • All sales channels have information about your product/ service.
    • Customers can trust you to deliver high-quality products or services
    • The prices of your products or services are the same on all sales channels.
    • Review how your sales channel partners are performing regularly.
    • Assess how you can support them through support service, advertising, etc.
    • Compare the sales they are providing against your costs.
    • Consider whether sales made through them are new or ones you would have made otherwise.

    Why Should You Care About Setting Up A Sales Channel Model?

    In the day and age of the digital era, the latest technology assets are available in a snap. A consumer can have multiple gadgets and devices. You can capitalize on this and get customers to notice your products or services through multi-channel selling. Shopify found that selling on sales channels increases revenue. Shopify revealed an average increase in sales by 38%, then 120%, and then 190%, with the addition of a sales channel, respectively.

    Multi-channel selling goes beyond advertising and allows your Shopify store to integrate with various sales channels. It is not an easy task. But it is worth the hard work to have a strong presence in the ecommerce marketplace.

    One of the best ways to discover your target audience and market is to find where they are already spending their time. A recent survey of American shoppers reveal that:-

    • 74% shopped at large retail shops
    • 54% shopped at ecommerce stores
    • 44% shopped at online stores
    • 36% shopped at category-specific online stores

    How To Structure Your Sales Channel Partnership?

    • Add value by selling together. For instance, if you are offering catering services, you might partner with an agency offering clean-up services. This type of partnership helps add value to your customers.
    • Sell through your sales channel partner. For instance, a department store would curate a range of items from third-party brands offering consumers variety and options. It will be a good idea to partner with one that is already selling several similar products/ services to yours.
    • Let your sales channel partners sell for you by incorporating your products/ services into theirs. For example, an item bought at a supermarket may carry the store label and not the brand label.

    When hammering out a marketing mix strategy, always be open to diverse combinations.

    Where Do Website Pandas Fit In All Of This?

    We help you identify the revenue-generating multi sales channel partnerships and list your products or services on those sites while ensuring all your products/ services are visible to the audience given a competitive marketplace.

    Our Sales Channel Set-up services include:-

    • Setting up and Management of your account
    • Editing and Cleaning up Images
    • Listing of Products or Services
    • Updating Products or Services
    • Other Sales Channel Setup and Management Support Services

    Integrating Sales Channels On Shopify Store

    Website Pandas will help set up a unique sales channel model on your Shopify store with the goal of grabbing the attention of prospective customers and driving sales.

    We will build a sales channel app to connect you to your customers on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Messenger, etc., advertising platforms, and many other channels.

    We will familiarize you with all aspects of the sales channel creation, from exploring, building through to the launch stage:

    Explore: Review different sales channels and their requirements.
    Build: Implement each step in the ‘build’ process that links you to each sales channel app.
    Launch: Submit your app to the Shopify app store and kick-start your process to drive more sales and revenue.

    Reach out to us for the right sales channel management services!

    Why Choose Us?

    At Website Pandas, we understand that choosing the right IT partner for your business is crucial for success in today’s technology-driven world. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose us.

    • Comprehensive Digital Expertise
    • Proven Track Record
    • Customized Strategies
    • Skilled and Experienced Team
    • Cutting-Edge Technology
    • Result-Driven Approach
    • Transparent Communication
    • Exceptional Customer Support

    Our Process

    Discovery and Analysis

    This phase is about analyzing the performance of the application of various stages and making notes on additional requirements. The analysis is very important to move forward to the next stage

    Discovery and Analysis


    Without the right planning, calculating project strengths and weaknesses, website development is meaningless. Planning stops a project in error and positively affects its progres



    Once the analysis is completed, the phase of designing ends, which is basically building the architecture of the project. This step helps to overcome potential flaws by setting a standard and attempting to stick to it.


    Development & Testing

    The actual work of developing a web application starts here with a data recording running in the background. After the web application is developed, the implementation phase comes, where the product undergoes a pilot study to see if it is working properly and the testing phase access the software for errors and document bugs if any.

    Development & Testing

    Release Management

    Once the application development is completed and tested for all kinds of fallbacks and errors, the application is ready for deployment. All the access grants, along with the documentation are handed over to the client so that they can now utilize the tool for their business. Documentation helps understand the capabilities of the project.

    Release Management


    Once the Web application passes through all the stages without any issues, it is to undergo a maintenance process wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes. Almost every web development company follows all the six steps, leading to a reputation that enjoys in the software market today.

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