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    That Focuses On Making Your Ecommerce Business A Grand Success!

    In a competitive marketplace wherein ecommerce businesses are fighting for the top place, hiring a professional Shopify Store setup and design consulting agency makes absolute sense.

    You get complete control on selling online due to a state-of-the-art and visually impactful Shopify design integrated and customized to draw attention and get shoppers to visit your site frequently. An experienced agency develops a full strategy to set up and design your Shopify Store that is robust and intuitive. What you get is an online store that has all the features and functionalities to engage potential shoppers.

    Your online business deserves a successful launch. And more importantly, join hands with an expert Shopify partner that believes in your business goals and knows how to turn your business ideas into reality and a grand success. An intuitive ROI-focused Shopify store design that is attractive, loads quickly, is highly functional, user-engaging, and affordable will get you to the top of your market niche.

    Our objective is to improve the online experience of shoppers across multiple channels. It results in improving your sales conversion and ROI.

    Things You Can Leave To Us


    Theme Consultation

    We understand your ecommerce business needs and exchange customized design inspirations to ensure that you get the perfect theme right from the start.

    Landing Page Design

    We set up your homepage with bold and captivating designs and features to attract visitors instantly, be it setting up high-resolution image sliders, featured sale offer section, products and collections, social media feed, testimonials, and more.


    We work to customize your Shopify theme to reflect your brand identity and message. From font colors to font types and sizes, your logo, and more, you get the best of our Shopify store setup & design consulting services.

    Fixing Your Static Pages

    We help create and fix your pages, starting with your Products pages to About, Contact and FAQs pages, and other pages that help bring more traction to your Shopify store.

    Header & Footer Sections

    We help set up your navigation menu, search bar, and other additional menus or promotional offers in your Shopify store header and footer sections.

    Custom Coding & Design

    The sky is the limit when it comes to custom coding and designing your Shopify store. If you want a customized Shopify theme with custom coding that is unique and visually appealing, we can give you just that.


    Uploading Products

    We will upload your products, set up all the product variants, images, and collections, and ensure your product pages are optimized (using our SEO techniques).

    Setting up Products Collection

    We will create the product collections in a logical, organized, and easy way. It will help enhance the navigational experience of shoppers.

    Filtering Collection

    We will set up filters on your Shopify Collection pages to ensure your customers find the right product with ease.

    Selling on Multiple Sales Channel

    We will set up and integrate multiple sales channels to help you sell across various platforms, and we do all of this, including management of it, from your Shopify store admin section.

    Setting up Logistics & Shipping App

    We will help integrate various apps (Shopify and custom) that automatically calculates shipping and packaging fees and printing labels (if any.)

    SEO for Products

    We understand that an optimized Shopify store sells well. We help make your product pages stand out and rank well in SERPs with star reviews and ratings.


    Design & Development that is SEO-focused

    We ensure your pages and content are optimized, keeping SEO in mind in whatever we do. We make sure your Shopify store loading & browsing speed enjoy constant up-time, and the code meets Google standards.

    Analytics & SEO Tools

    We will install and set up your Google Analytics, Search Console, and Facebook tracking and ensure all are in perfect working order.

    Integrating Newsletter

    We will integrate email marketing tools with your Shopify store to ensure it captures your customer emails automatically.

    SEO Migration

    If you want to transfer your online store from your platform to Shopify, we will guide you through the process and perform the task to avoid the loss of SEO-friendly tactics during the transition.

    Website Pandas Shopify Setup & Design Consulting Services

    We are a official partner of Shopify with the best-in-class Shopify Setup & Design Consulting Services for various ecommerce businesses. Our services cover the wing-to-wing aspects of your Shopify store needs from conceptualization, customization, design, development, set up, app integration, and more until project delivery.

    Our Shopify experts follow a streamlined approach, project SOPs and guidelines to deliver all projects under strict deadlines without compromising quality and performance. We set up and design custom themes according to your business goals and code responsive Shopify websites with the required customization and to enable smooth maintenance at further stages.

    We have always emphasized delivering powerful and visually attractive storefronts that help kick-start your ecommerce business for success. We render a comprehensive range of full-fledged Shopify services that help you succeed and dramatically improve your ROI.

    Shopify Setup & Configuration

    We offer reliable and speedy Shopify setup & design consulting services with configuration services to ensure your online shop is ready and functional in no time. From creating a small Shopify store to highly customizable enterprise ecommerce sites, we take care of all your ecommerce business needs. We will install responsive themes to ensure your customers get the best consistent shopping experiences across all devices.

    Shopify Maintenance & Upgrade

    We deliver on-demand Shopify maintenance and upgrade services to ensure your Shopify store continues to run and perform at its optimal best.

    It is vital to be well-versed with the traits and tactics of an ever-evolving ecommerce marketplace. When you own the most modern, visually-led, SEO-friendly, and functional Shopify store, your ecommerce business is set up for success and to reach greater heights. The unique features and characteristics that differentiate your Shopify store from the test is its unique design that offers enhanced UI/UX.

    We customize successfully

    We have a reputation for delivering successful Shopify stores that match the business goals of our clients. Design customization helps position your online shop on top of an ever-competitive ecommerce marketplace.

    We are ecommerce marketplace experts

    We design Shopify stores that match the guidelines and tactics of a competitive ecommerce marketplace.

    We offer a goal-focused workflow

    Our user-friendly and flexible Shopify solutions are custom-tailored to meet your business requirements. We follow an agile and goal-oriented workflow to ensure we deliver successful and suitable ecommerce solutions for your small or enterprise-level ecommerce business.

    As trusted Shopify official partners, we always strive to transform your Shopify business so that it moves on the path to achieving the desired turnover and ROI.

    It is not easy to transform an ecommerce business into one that churns up your sales conversion. Clients are always on the look-out for growth and prosperity. And to ensure their business succeeds even in a competitive marketplace, they call in specialists to take on this overwhelming task from project initiation to testing and delivery.

    The Launch!

    We offer a guided Shopify store take-off

    When it is time to launch your Shopify store, we will be ready for any last-minute urgent changes, updates, or fine-tuning needs. We are there with you to ensure a successful take-off.

    We are happy to train our clients

    We will guide you on how to use Shopify store features, functions, and apps so that you have complete control of your store and can make changes to it without any additional support.

    We know the rights and wrongs

    We have worked with innumerable Shopify business owners, have witnessed them grow and develop, have discovered and tested what works and what does not, and feel proud to know that we have their backs on this, always.

    We save hours in the long haul

    A Shopify store owner has a lot to worry about, especially when managing a business. We value your time, which is why we gladly take on all the tasks so that you can focus on your business and leave all the technical stuff to us.

    We help Shopify businesses to;

    • Launch or migrate from other platforms
    • Improve store experience
    • Develop custom themes, apps, and integrations
    • Design, develop and set up custom Shopify themes
    • Improve sale conversion rates
    • In search of a successful Shopify business

    Launching a new ecommerce business is stressful enough, and we understand that. Therefore, we step in to handle the entire setup, design, and launch of your online shop and take all the weight off your shoulders. We help set up the best foundation for ecommerce success!

    Ongoing Project Work

    We are on stand-by if you need the team to manage or make changes to your Shopify store.

    We toast for your ecommerce business success!

    We can help you with your project and offer solutions to all your Shopify setup & design challenges.

    So, let’s talk about your Shopify business needs!

    Why Choose Us?

    At Website Pandas, we understand that choosing the right IT partner for your business is crucial for success in today’s technology-driven world. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose us.

    • Comprehensive Digital Expertise
    • Proven Track Record
    • Customized Strategies
    • Skilled and Experienced Team
    • Cutting-Edge Technology
    • Result-Driven Approach
    • Transparent Communication
    • Exceptional Customer Support

    Our Process

    Discovery and Analysis

    This phase is about analyzing the performance of the application of various stages and making notes on additional requirements. The analysis is very important to move forward to the next stage

    Discovery and Analysis


    Without the right planning, calculating project strengths and weaknesses, website development is meaningless. Planning stops a project in error and positively affects its progres



    Once the analysis is completed, the phase of designing ends, which is basically building the architecture of the project. This step helps to overcome potential flaws by setting a standard and attempting to stick to it.


    Development & Testing

    The actual work of developing a web application starts here with a data recording running in the background. After the web application is developed, the implementation phase comes, where the product undergoes a pilot study to see if it is working properly and the testing phase access the software for errors and document bugs if any.

    Development & Testing

    Release Management

    Once the application development is completed and tested for all kinds of fallbacks and errors, the application is ready for deployment. All the access grants, along with the documentation are handed over to the client so that they can now utilize the tool for their business. Documentation helps understand the capabilities of the project.

    Release Management


    Once the Web application passes through all the stages without any issues, it is to undergo a maintenance process wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes. Almost every web development company follows all the six steps, leading to a reputation that enjoys in the software market today.

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