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As Shopify experts, we have worked with customers asking about Apps development and integration or deep-linking with other business applications they are using. Your customers need apps that work for their business and hence, they seek advice from experts, which is the right thing to do.

Regardless of whether you have been using apps with your Shopify store or have a good grasp of which apps you would want to integrate in the near future, it is a good idea to understand the benefits, again. So what precisely is Apps integration and why is every Shopify business owner discussing it?

As increasingly, more business applications become accessible in the market, you will definitely see many Shopify business owners depending on more than one app. Despite the fact that they use Shopify for all their business needs, they may utilize a horde of other applications for various capacities, for example, CRM, accounting or email marketing, etc.

The ability to offer standalone solutions to ecommerce businesses makes Shopify, undoubtedly, a game changer. But the availability of cloud-ready apps for Shopify that can easily sync with multiple devices is a boon. They are affordable, portable, and intelligently designed to work with your Shopify store. Our experts can develop these apps and make them communicate with one another.

The integration of apps requires transferring of data from one app to the other. In short, you want your cloud-ready business apps to work well with each other without the need for any human intervention.

There are many applications with diverse functionalities, making it hard to choose the right one without investing time and effort in reviewing each one of them.

Types Of Shopify Apps

There are three main types: public, private and custom. Call us to discuss the private and custom Shopify apps installation, since we will be developing these types of integrations for your Shopify store. These are not listed in the Shopify app store and require special app links that only we can help you with.

Different Ways In Which Shopify Apps Work

There are several ways in which Shopify allows apps to communicate or integrate with your online store. A basic method is when an application changes your storefront theme.

The app injects some code, scripts, and styles into your Shopify theme. They collect data when customers browse your pages. Most of these apps belong to the so-called customer-facing apps group such as a popup with a discount that is shown to a visitor. Most of these apps help to generate more traction and sell.

Another method is to integrate the application through Shopify API. This method lets the app request for access to your store data and usually works with it.

Active Shopify merchants generate different data points such as products, collections, orders, customer visits, etc. The Shopify API access exposes such available data in real-time. Such data serves as an excellent foundation for utility applications. An example would be the app integration for inventory management or email marketing. They communicate via the Shopify API and the staff uses such apps in most cases. They use a combination of the API access and storefront theme customization.

Do note that Shopify uses web hook, which is a real-time notification technology. These web hooks act as their real-time notification channel for apps regarding products, orders, or any amendments in the inventory, products, and so on. Integrations use these web hook requests to know exactly when to act and what action should be taken.

Installing A Shopify App

Now that we know a bit about the technology behind Shopify apps, let us understand how to install one. It is a simple process though we recommend that you take a note of certain critical moments when installing these apps.

Visit https://apps.shopify.com/

You can access the store by logging in and visiting your Shopify admin section. Each application has a listing page that gives out a bit about the app’s functionality and requirements.

What To Check On The Shopify App Page?

Support. This includes a link to a Shopify App developer website, support contact details, privacy policy, and FAQ link. Make sure that the app has ample information and support options. Integrations with apps that have extensive support options can help resolve issues efficiently, swiftly and in a time-bound manner.

Pricing. This is different for every app. Most come with a free trial period after you install it so make sure you make the most of it during the trial period time.

Shopify Merchant Reviews. This gives reviews and ratings that will give you a clear indication if it is worth a try or not. Take time to read the reviews and look for information if developers are investing their time into the app functionality and support.

What To Do Before Installing Shopify Apps?

Be prepared always. In simple words, take back-ups. Apps that integrate to make changes to your Shopify theme, manage inventory, orders, customers, products, and so on, have access to your store and can amend things.

Verify changes that the application will make, take a backup of the data and then install the Shopify app.

Concrete Benefits Of Shopify App Integration

Saves a lot of time and money

We keep hearing our clients say how much time and money the app integration has saved for them. All of them have been in situations where they had to manually update and transfer data from one app into another. The process is definitely tedious and can seriously drain your resources and time.

A simple, powerful integration of apps has helped them automate many processes, saving them several hours of work each week and money spent on the workforce.

Reduces errors and eliminates data duplicates

Manual entry of data is naturally prone to error. Unfortunately, it is just one of the many problems that comes with the task. Errors can also occur when details are not tracked.

Apps get smarter and provide better insights

With current or real-time data on customers, leads, sales, and payments transferred from one app to your marketing and ecommerce apps, they can work together to drive better results. Data on sales from Shopify can help marketing apps send relevant and targeted data to your leads.

App integrations provide the ability to customize

App integration offers control to developers and business owners, making it easier for them to work with the app and the online store for desired results.

With an unlimited number of potential combinations between your Shopify store and cloud-ready apps, you get a powerful all-in-one solution through customized integrations. The sky’s the limit.

App integration is inexpensive

App integrations are becoming a challenge in a chaotic app world, and Shopify app developers are the only ones with a solution, making it easy to use.

Website Pandas offer an integration solution that is economical and helps you get the most value from the apps for your business.

Integration does not have to be a complex and costly affair. Our developers have been developing apps and making app integration as easy as the apps themselves for our clients. Using technical expertise, we offer simple yet powerful Shopify app integration solutions that allow real-time customization and add more value to your business. You will be eliminating mundane tasks and spending your valuable time and effort to run your ecommerce business.

Our Shopify App Development And Integration Process

Website Pandas has a simple approach. We divide every task into simple, doable processes that help us deliver for our clients and give their Shopify store a better user experience. We also create private apps to add more back-end functionalities to our clients’ Shopify store.


We will conduct a meeting with you and gather fresh ideas to develop the best app for your business. It is a step that helps us invent new ideas and gives us your list of requirements.


We get down to designing the perfect app for you and as per your business needs.


Once we have designed the wireframe of the app, we get down to developing it.


We then conduct tests to flesh out the bugs, fix them to ensure a perfect application for your Shopify store.


Once the app is developed and free of bugs and issues, we launch and integrate it with your Shopify store with complete functionalities.


Our experts provide app maintenance and support during any stage of the app design and development process.

In short, keep all your worries of app integration behind. We offer the knowledge, expertise and development skills and solutions to turn your apps into the most powerful, versatile customizable all-in-one solution for your ecommerce business.

Whether it is building a new Shopify app or tweaking an existing one, Website Pandas can create fully-functional Shopify apps that can help overcome your business challenges, fit your brand, attract more sales, and enhance your ROI.

Shopify App Installation

We can assist you in installing an existing Shopify app that can add to the functionality of your store.

Third-Party App Integration

We can integrate your Shopify apps with third-party apps in the payment gateway section based on your business needs to boost functionality.

Custom Apps

We can develop custom Shopify apps with customized features and functionalities that can improve efficiency and business outcomes.

When You Work With Us, You Get Shopify Apps That Are;

  • Responsive
  • High Quality
  • Secure

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Why Choose Us?

At Website Pandas, we understand that choosing the right IT partner for your business is crucial for success in today’s technology-driven world. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose us.

  • Comprehensive Digital Expertise
  • Proven Track Record
  • Customized Strategies
  • Skilled and Experienced Team
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Result-Driven Approach
  • Transparent Communication
  • Exceptional Customer Support

Our Process

Discovery and Analysis

This phase is about analyzing the performance of the application of various stages and making notes on additional requirements. The analysis is very important to move forward to the next stage

Discovery and Analysis


Without the right planning, calculating project strengths and weaknesses, website development is meaningless. Planning stops a project in error and positively affects its progres



Once the analysis is completed, the phase of designing ends, which is basically building the architecture of the project. This step helps to overcome potential flaws by setting a standard and attempting to stick to it.


Development & Testing

The actual work of developing a web application starts here with a data recording running in the background. After the web application is developed, the implementation phase comes, where the product undergoes a pilot study to see if it is working properly and the testing phase access the software for errors and document bugs if any.

Development & Testing

Release Management

Once the application development is completed and tested for all kinds of fallbacks and errors, the application is ready for deployment. All the access grants, along with the documentation are handed over to the client so that they can now utilize the tool for their business. Documentation helps understand the capabilities of the project.

Release Management


Once the Web application passes through all the stages without any issues, it is to undergo a maintenance process wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes. Almost every web development company follows all the six steps, leading to a reputation that enjoys in the software market today.

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