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What is It?

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process of designing and building software apps that run seamlessly on smartphones. The apps run on tablets and digital assistants and are created mainly for the Android and iOS operating systems. Mobile apps can be either preinstalled on the user’s device or downloaded from a mobile app store. Users can also access such software apps through the browser on their smartphones or tablets.

Why A Mobile App Is Crucial?

A Mobile App Enriches Your Brand And Makes It More Credible across all customer touchpoints.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

A mobile app is ideal for enhanced customer engagement because it facilitates personalized communications. You can send the most relevant messages directly through push notifications in real-time, keeping your offerings in the minds of your customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

A mobile app's personalized experience is based on the user's preferences and behaviors. It can take the form of promotions, discounts, or exclusive offers. Such an experience promotes increased app usage and, in turn, forges brand loyalty.

Improve Customer Interactions

Top developers equip mobile apps with features that promote user interaction and engagement. Features like reward points, identification of nearby locations, or payment flexibility increase interaction with a brand's services.

Provide Value for Customers

Developing a feature-rich mobile app makes your services more accessible to users. Features like AI-powered chatbots or Augmented Reality filters let you deliver immense value to your customers.

Increases Brand Awareness

Most people spend a large part of their time using smartphone apps. So, a mobile app makes connecting with customers easy and spreads awareness about your services.

Better Scalability

Good mobile apps can easily handle increased user demand without compromising performance, so your growing customer base can continue using your services without any issues.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Website Pandas helps you design, redesign, develop, integrate, and maintain cutting-edge mobile applications.

1/ Product Design

Get assistance with every aspect of your mobile project design from Website Pandas experts. We build products that attract your customers away from your rivals.

2/ Mobile App Design

Our UX and UI experts design responsive and elegant mobile apps. The design is carefully chosen after thorough research on your industry and competitors.

3/ Mobile App Development

Our knowledgeable developers craft cutting-edge iOS & Android applications for brands keen on expanding their presence. We are skilled in developing all types of apps for various verticals.

4/ Native and Cross-Platform Solutions

We create high-performing apps for single or multiple platforms leveraging the latest frameworks like React Native, Node, Ionic, Xamarin, and Flutter. We ensure that each app runs smoothly on the platform for which it is built.

5/ Mobile App Integration

We have the expertise to integrate your application into back-end programs, such as your CRM or ERP system. We can integrate third-party services or current web or database systems with your app.

6/ Testing and QA

Our rigorous manual and automation testing ensures that you receive a high-quality solution. Our ISTQB-certified team members check your app from every angle before delivery.

7/ Mobile App Modernization

Our app modernization services redesign and reengineer your current solution to enhance its functioning and performance. We can modify the app code, migrate it to the cloud, or overhaul its architecture to make for scalability.

8/ Consulting and Prototyping

Our consulting services encompass finalizing your app’s concept, making recommendations on platform compatibility, and improving your brand’s current mobile app. We help you overcome various challenges in the app development journey.

9/ Maintenance and Support

Get complete post-production support and maintenance from Website Pandas. We maintain your solution’s security, stability, and usability through frequent updates and upgrades. We also fix bugs whenever they arise.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our six-step process covers everything from app ideation to post-launch monitoring.

1/ Strategy

In the first step, we understand the goals of your services and the capabilities you desire in your mobile app. We research your competitors and decide on the platform on which your solution will be built.

2/ Analysis and Planning

After strategizing, we build a product roadmap, wherein our developers take note of all that you want the app to do. We also choose the technology stack for your project at this stage.

3/ UI / UX Design

We embark on UI/UX design based on the data your app is supposed to have. In this stage, we create a conceptual layout. Your app’s wireframe helps visualize the structure of its features.

4/ Development

We begin the backend and front-end development, which is the most important stage in app creation. Our experts code the app and make it scalable. They also develop the app’s appearance and features to increase user experience.

5/ Testing

Your app undergoes various types of testing before the final deployment. This comprehensive testing ensures that the product we’ve built is highly functional, performs without glitches, and is secure.

6/ Deployment & Support

We submit your solution to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. Sometimes, after it has been tested, we submit it for private distribution. We also provide complete support for app performance issues.

Our Mastery Over Mobile App Development

We work with all major technologies to build apps that delight your customers.

iOS App Development

Our experts are well-versed in creating full-fledged, secure, and scalable apps for devices using the iOS operating system. Trust us to get a superior app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV.

Android App Development

Our Android developers passionately design and develop native and cross-platform apps for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and wearables running on the Android operating system. All our solutions impart a frictionless user experience.

Windows App Development

We have full-stack developers who excel in building native, web, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile device apps for Windows. Our apps bear top-notch performance, are accessible offline, and deliver exceptional experiences.

HTML5 Mobile App Development

We have hands-on experience using the most advanced HTML5 tools and frameworks. We deliver bespoke and feature-rich HTML5 mobile applications so you reach a wider audience.

Cross-Platform App Development

Use the expertise of our professionals to get an app that runs seamlessly on any operating system. We specialize in developing cost-effective cross-platform mobile, tablet, and TV apps for businesses.

Progressive Web App Development

We build cross-platform progressive web apps using the mobile-first approach. Our apps are secure, fast-loading, easy to install, and can function offline. Our team uses the best practices to design PWAs that boost business growth.

Wearable App Development

From concept to deployment, Website Pandas skilled developers create highly connected real-time wearable apps for businesses according to their needs and goals. We can also help you modernize the look of your current wearable solution.

Mobile Game Development

Our team designs and develops high-quality mobile games for Android and iOS platforms. Every gaming element in our apps is fully optimized for top-notch performance and a stellar experience.

Advance Use Cases for Mobile Apps

We Create Apps For Varied Platforms With Custom Features including but not limited to IoT Devices, Cloud Storage, Enterprise Systems, And More.

Internet Of Things

Data Science

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data


Image Recognition

Pack Your App with All Modern Features

we incorporate user centric features to boost engagement in every app that we build

Geolocation management

Messaging and voice/video calling



QR code scanning

Face Recognition

Voice Recognition

Scheduling and Booking

User experience personalization

Multi-device synchronization

Smart Notifications

Integration with Wearable Devices

Mobile Tech Stack That We Leverage

We don't believe in one size fits all approach. Depending on business objectives and current ecosystem, we leverage following tech stack to power your app.

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NodeJS Logo
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SAP Logo
Salesforce Logo
GraphQL Logo
Adobe Logo
Google Pay Logo
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Innovative Digital Solutions for Various Industries

From telecommunications, entertainment, BFSI, and healthcare to logistics, Website Pandas has delivered apps for businesses in various sectors.

Food Delivery Apps

Gaming Apps

News Apps

Banking Apps

Booking & Ticketing Apps

Educational Apps

Insurance Apps

Streaming Apps

Recruitment Apps

Investment Apps

mCommerce Apps

Patient & Hospital Apps

Why Choose Us?

Top-Ranked Mobile App Development Agency

If you want custom mobile app development services, we are the right fit for you. Here are our key differentiators.

Why Choose Us as Your Web Development Agency
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1/ Agile Methodology

When creating your mobile apps, we follow an agile or step-by-step software development methodology. You can see the result after each cycle and request changes to be made immediately.

2/ Transparent Communication

We keep you informed at each step of your mobile app development journey. You get clear insights into project progress and milestones. This collaborative approach ensures that your input is valued throughout the development cycle.

3/ Timely Delivery

At Website Pandas, we take our delivery dates seriously. We do not make any delay in providing the best possible service that we can. Our clients get the end product as promised, right on time.

4/ Expertise and Experience

We have been in the market for more than three decades. Website Pandas has developed a credible reputation as one of the best agencies for mobile app development.

5/Innovative Solutions

Our mobile app development approach goes beyond industry standards. We deliver solutions that are not only scalable but also at the forefront of technological advancements.

What Our Clients Say?

Your Partner With 15+ Years Of Expertise

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

Shane Smith

Shane Smith

“Working with Website Pandas has been an absolutely amazing experience. They’ve been our partners for over six years now, and there is nothing I would complain about. The team does everything to make your business unique and at the top of web searches. I would highly recommend the agency to anyone looking to improve their online presence.”

Matt McVicker

Matt McVicker

“Website Pandas seamlessly executed our digital marketing strategy with impressive skill. The team showed us how Google can be used in innovative ways. Our company has experienced consistent and exponential growth on channels that didn’t work for us before. Now, we consider Website Pandas more of an extension of our company than a partner.”

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker


Find Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Choosing the right platform for mobile app development significantly impacts your app’s success. To make the best decision, consider factors like your target audience, app functionality, market share, revenue potential, development resources, development time, app store policies, and maintenance over the long term.

In 2024, the cost to develop a basic mobile app is in the range of $30,000 to $50,000. If your requirement is that of a complex app, you need to have a budget in the range of $100,000 to $250,000 or higher than that.

To manage product development and mobile application services, first define the mobile app’s purpose and functions. Create a plan and delegate responsibilities. After that, create a wireframe to lay the groundwork for different app functionalities. When you manage product development and mobile application services properly, your app will offer a great user experience while working correctly.

Cross-platform app development allows reusable code that can run natively across platforms. It is a cost and time-efficient development process. Hybrid app development means coding apps using web-based languages that can be installed on various mobile platforms. The developers use the same code for all operating systems.

Contact Website Pandas to find the top mobile app developers. We have experts who can work for companies of various sizes and with differing budgets. Our skilled developers are proficient in building the best mobile platforms for different high-paced environments.

When you outsource your mobile app development project to Website Pandas, you can track its progress with our regular progress updates. We use your feedback to enhance the app’s features. Our experts prioritize the authenticity of your project with regular communication.

Yes, we work with apps that contain security-sensitive data. Our developers employ encryption, obfuscation, and secure storage to protect the app from malicious actors. We also dynamically load-sensitive data at run time so attackers cannot extract your information.

Appy Pie, Zoho Creator, AppSheet, and Appian are the best software for mobile app development. The software allows you to develop feature-rich apps with minimal coding. Thus, they make it easy to create custom apps for businesses.

The time required to build a mobile app depends on several factors. These include the complexity of the project, the number of features, and the skill set of the software developers. On average, the development span can range from 4 to 7 months.

Website Pandas developers are different because we possess the creativity and genuine passion to develop successful apps, in addition to technical skills. We don’t fear challenges and are open to learning to create robust, customer-oriented apps.

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