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Studies reveal that the number of mobile users have surpassed desktop users (about 52%), with the number growing each day! Moreover, mobile users spend 86% of their time on apps and 14% on websites. 70% of mobile searches get followed up by an action in less than an hour! Yet another strong reason for any business to have a mobile app- in order to reach out to potential, as well as the existing customers. Consequently, businesses have realized the need to utilize mobile platforms for potential customers. With personalized user experience and operational efficiency, along with other exclusive features, mobile apps offer much higher conversions!

Mobile technology is ever evolving and mobiles are portable platforms. With our unique mobile app development services and concepts, we have helped businesses in managing their clients and staying connected with them through smartphones. In a modern scenario, you should be able to manage your business from anywhere and anytime. Thus, companies with mobile app development services are striving to get out from the desktop mode and to grab a slice of the mobile network space to connect with customers instantly. We understand that most of working professionals and tech-savvy individuals spend most of their time on their smartphones, and hence, we contribute by creating applications that are beneficial, easy-to-use and convenient for businesses and their customers.

How Mobile App Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Personalized UI

Offering Personalized User Experience ensures customized communication with existing and new users based on tracking their location, personal interests, behavior, usage pattern, and all of that… More refined the personalization is, better gets the User Experience with a higher possibility of comeback, obviously! Mobile app enables users to set up their location and preferences during the installation. Based on which, the user gets customized results, custom recommendations and updates regularly- hence, a delightful experience. It not only saves a lot of time but also results in better conversion rates.

Faster Than Websites

On a mobile app, users can perform tasks much faster than a website. Primarily due to the fact that the data gets stored locally on mobile devices unlike websites using servers; also, the framework of an app Runs 5 times faster than a website’s JavaScript!

Ease of Compatibility

Mobile Apps, unlike websites, don’t rely on browser specific compatibility; they can be based on gestures like tap, swipe, drag, pinch, hold, etc.

Quick Notifications and Updates

Application Development

As an advertisement tool, emails are losing out on click and open rates drastically. Seemingly, mobile app updates & notifications are replacing them effectively. Also, a mobile app may offer basic content and functionality to users even being offline. They are of two types of notifications: push and in-app. In-app notifications can only be received when users open the app. Push notifications are received regardless of any activity on the device; with click-through rates over 40%.

Capture Device Features

The device features like- camera, contacts, GPS, call log, etc. can be utilized by a mobile app for better the user experience interactive by effectively facilitating the task a user performs on the app and thus, better conversion rates.

Enhanced Branding Experience

Being distinct from a website, it offers a new branding style for users to experience, different from the regular one. The app-icon itself acts like a brand advertisement. Besides customizing the appearance, it may also serve as a tool to promote an event, a sub-brand, or a product launching. Big businesses can certainly afford to employ both- websites and mobile apps; small businesses, however, may need to choose one of them depending on budget, usability, business goals and the class of audience served. Keeping in view the facts above, undoubtedly a mobile app it a necessity- a priority indeed! Our experts can help you stay competitive, with:

  •  iPhone app development
  •  Android app development
  •  Windows app development

IPhone App Development

With umpteen number of user across the globe, iPhone app development not only delivers a universal brand promotion but also acts as a strong online marketing tool. By widening your exposure to the niche market, it promises timely brand recognition by using a strategic approach and expert market analysis.

A custom design with flexible framework development entitles you full command on the app, along with a better personalized User Experience.

We incorporate the latest tools – JSON, XCODE, iOS SDK, iOS VIRTAUL MACHINE, iOS SIMUATORS, iOS Devices.

IPad App Development

The high end sophisticated features of an iPad certainly demand for a unique app interface to offer an amazing experience to the users. The Objective C coding proves to be phenomena for any iPad application. The existing apps from iPhone, web and game applications can also be ported to develop into websites compatible with iPads. Our expert develops deploy the latest iOS and SDK to offer you an up-to-date application across any vertical including- educational, financial, social networking, multimedia, gaming, travel, etc.

Android App Development

We are a full-service Mobile App Development Company that offers turnkey solutions for all clients; start-ups to established businesses. Our portfolio includes many projects implemented with IT solutions integrated, among which are custom mobile applications designed and developed for numerous companies and brand names worldwide. We support companies with powerful strategies by developing apps with multiple features and user-oriented benefits. Our years of experience and expert skills have helped many clients climb to the top of the success ladder. Our well-thought mix of latest technologies, customer-orientated approach, and a professional team makes us stand out in the crowd!

The key to our success is implementing unique strategies and the best software and techniques that help achieve balance between our clients’ business and consumer awareness with our mobile app development proficiency. We follow a strict code compliant with our client’s goal-critical requirements, delivering projects on time and within a budget.

Website Pandas, a Mobile App Development Company, supports large, medium and small size businesses and even first-time entrepreneurs by developing and implementing solid mobile strategies. And thus, we help them create a relationship of reliability and trust. With the Smartphone usage going insanely viral, everything needs to be just a tap away! There’s an increasing demand of mobile app development across all the fields- education, entertainment, finance, weather, GPS tracking, social media, multi-media, travel, food etc. Keeping in view the specific needs, we get you covered with the latest trends & technologies to deliver global applications for all Operating Systems- from Android to Windows! Our experts can help you stay competitive, with native and hybrid platforms including:

Our client’s quality products, delight, on time delivery, and proactive communication are some of the many special features of our services that have helped us earn a sound reputation in the global market. Talk to us and discuss your needs. We are here to support you in achieving your business goals.

  •  iPhone app development
  •  Android app development
  •  Windows app development

Android apps find an increasingly huge demand due to the fact that Android is still the most widely used and the fastest growing mobile platform.
To help you stay ahead of the competition, we develop apps based on the latest framework- Dojo Mobile, Phonegap, SenchaTouch2, jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator, xamarin, Titanium SDK.
Moreover, we ensure the most recent tools and technologies- Advance Java, , Android SDK, Android Emulator, Eclipse, OpenGL graphics, security architecture, sqlite3, location based APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Media APIs etc.