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Take advantage of the second-largest search engine in the world and boost your Bing Ads account. Our Bing Ads management experts will analyze your ad account and provide the best strategy covering keyword tweaks, optimization advice, and other adjustments. We can brainstorm ideas for your account to ensure the best outcome. As a full-service Bing Ads Microsoft agency partner, Website Pandas assists you in optimizing your Bing ad budgets. With years of expertise in this field, we are committed to helping you identify the most effective method of reaching your target market and boosting your ROI.

Bing Ads Agency
What are Bing Ads

What are Microsoft (Bing) Ads?

What are Bing Ads

Google leads the industry, but Microsoft’s search network is formidable. Bing and Yahoo ads offer targeted PPC campaigns through Microsoft Advertising. Despite Google’s dominance, Bing ads often yield superior ROI due to less competition and an affluent user base. Brands fixated solely on Google risk missing out on valuable conversions.

Why should You Choose Microsoft Advertising?

Why should You Choose Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) displays paid ads on Bing and its partners’ search engines above search phrases to increase brand visibility, awareness, website traffic, and if done well, leads or sales. Using Bing PPC advertising is an affordable option to draw both current and new visitors to your website, drive traffic, and boost ROI. Notably, Bing is the second most popular search engine after Google, driving search functions of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. In the US, Bing is used for one out of every three searches, and its market share has increased faster than Google’s.

Why should You Choose Microsoft Advertising

Our Bing Ads Services

Scale your ROI with our tailored Bing Ads campaign strategies for targeted, cost-effective Microsoft advertising.


We meticulously set up your Bing Ads account if you’re new to PPC marketing, or review your existing account to see how we can optimize the settings for maximum campaign efficiency and alignment with the advertising objectives that we will define together.


Knowing what your competitors are up to on Bing Ads helps us in several ways. It shows us their strengths and weaknesses and helps us understand their approach to refine your Bing Ads strategy and get you visibility in your target market.

Import Previous Google Ads Campaigns

Typically, we also will import and reoptimize your old Google Ads campaigns on Bing. This helps with a smooth transition to enhance performance on Bing for far greater short-term and long-term results depending on your business goals.

Audience Targeting & Management

The success of any Bing Ads campaign depends on targeting the right audience. We ensure that your Bing Ads are displayed to the right demographic for the highest resonance and conversions.

Keyword Analysis & Development

We conduct keyword analysis to ensure you receive a comprehensive selection of high-performing keywords. We then use them to tailor your Bing Ads campaigns to drive targeted traffic and maximize ROI.

Campaign Creation & Management

Once the keyword analysis is complete, your campaign goes to our PPC experts, who will handle all aspects of campaign creation and ongoing optimization to align your Bing Ads campaign with your marketing goals.

Ad Creation & Optimization

Our Ad creation with optimization involves the creation of compelling ad copy and designs that enhance relevancy, tweaking existing ad copies, and therefore driving better results.

Landing Page Build and Optimization

We perform A/B tests on landing pages, which allows us to analyze how users interact and which landing page content and techniques provide better conversions.

Bid and Budget Management

We alter bidding strategies and optimize budgets to get the highest ROI, ensuring that they meet your business goals without putting a strain on your allocated spends.

Quality Score Optimization

We make sure your Bing Ads are seen by users who are interested in what you are offering. We work to improve ad relevance and click-through rates to optimize quality scores and campaign effectiveness.

Conversion and Call Tracking Setup

Our specialists will set up precise conversion and call tracking so we know your precise return on investment. This also helps differentiate organic visitors from converted visitors in analytics.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We refine campaigns to increase quality traffic and reduce wasted clicks. We utilize our tracking and user behavior to make the necessary adjustments on any landing pages, ad copy, or keywords for increasing leads.


We will send you granular-level reports with real-time data on all the work done, allowing you to track your revenue, and what’s working and provide actionable insights to inform your strategic decisions.

Bing Shopping Management

Reach users who are searching for your products or offerings on Bing and its partner network. Our Bing ads experts manage Bing Shopping campaigns to drive sales and enhance your product visibility.


We build out targeted Bing Remarketing campaigns to re-engage your existing website visitors. We target ads and messages to your audience segmentations and drive repeat engagement and conversions.

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Ads Solutions We Offer

Explore our comprehensive suite of tailored Bing ads and advertising solutions designed to elevate your business for success.

Bing Search Ads

Bing Search Ads

We conduct keyword research and continually optimize ad copy to get your Bing Ads to the top of the search results. We’ll put Bing Ads in front of the best search phrases for your brand so that customers actively searching for your products or services become potential leads or customers.

Bing Video Ads

Bing Video Ads

Premiumly-produced video ads and expert audience targeting mean your video ads are shown in Bing’s top video content. We use Bing’s relevant keyword targeting to make sure your video ad is shown on the best Bing Ad placements across the network.

Microsoft Audience Ads

Microsoft Audience Ads

By combining audience segmentation and behavioral targeting, we customize ad messaging across different audience segments, allowing your ads to effectively reach high-intent users throughout the Microsoft network, driving both engagement and conversions.

Mobile Ads

Bing Mobile Ads

By optimizing ad creatives for mobile devices and leveraging mobile-specific ad formats, we ensure that your Bing ads appear on mobile apps to engage users, drive mobile conversions, and maximize marketing reach among on-the-go audiences.

Partner Network Ads

Partner Network Ads

With Microsoft's expansive partner network and available premium publisher placements, we expand your brand's reach and visibility across a wide variety of channels, driving leads and conversions through targeted ad placements and strategic partnerships.

Product Ads

Product Ads

Utilizing product feed optimization and targeted ad placements to make sure your products are always in front of interested consumers, our Bing advertising team tailor product marketing campaigns to appeal to the ideal audiences most likely to convert.

Vertical Ads

Vertical Ads

With industry-specific targeting and catered ad messaging, we're able to serve ads to niche audiences within specific vertical markets, driving leads and conversions through messaging that aligns with the wants and needs of industry professionals.

App Install Ads

App Install Ads

Through app-specific targeting and ads, strategic ad placements, and calls-to-action that are optimized to drive app installations and ongoing user engagement, ad clicks are converted into app downloads, ensuring a high percentage of those downloads turn into active daily users.

Bing Local Ads

Bing Local Ads

We use geotargeting to get your finely-tuned ad copy in front of local audiences and add location-based ad extensions to your Bing Ads so you come up in the search results for people close by. Bing Local Ads enhance your brand visibility in specific regions for local engagement and conversions.

Bing Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

Bing Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

By using dynamic ad content generation and ongoing optimization, we make sure your ads adapt to user search queries in real-time so that they accurately match your offer to their need, targeting relevant audiences with purchase intent and driving conversions.

Our Methodology

Our precision targeting, strategic placement, and continuous optimization ensure maximum ROI from Bing Ads campaigns.




We conduct in-depth research to understand your business, audience, and goals, laying the groundwork for successful Bing Ads campaigns.


Strategy & Planning


Based on the insights we gather, we develop a strategy tailored to your goals and your target audience with the most cost-effective methods to achieve them.


Account Setup & Optimization


Every campaign is meticulously set up and optimized by our Bing Ads certified specialists. All settings and configurations are taken into account to make sure they align with the goals of the campaign.


Campaign Optimization


We monitor performance to hone your ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness. We tweak your targeting, keywords, and ad creatives for improved results as needed.


Reporting & Analytics


You get detailed reports and analytics that give you a detailed breakdown of how your campaign is performing, and our findings inform how we tweak and adjust your campaign for ongoing optimization.


Continual Optimization


We’ll carry out the ongoing process of analysis and refinement to continuously optimize your campaigns for improved ROI, thus delivering long-term success in Bing Ads advertising.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Our approach, as the leading Bing Ads Management Agency, is to fuse technology with personalized client service. From the start of each partnership, we prioritize client collaboration. We ensure that our Bing Ads campaigns are aligned with our client’s unique business objectives. Our team boasts expertly honed abilities to provide unparalleled results. We utilize advanced analytics and AI-driven insights to continuously sharpen our Bing Ads strategies, seeking maximum return on investment. Our commitment to transparency means clients have a comprehensive view of campaign performance. This blend of cutting-edge tech with dedication to client satisfaction and innovative solutions has empowered us to drive tangible business growth for our clients year-over-year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get Bing Ads?

In all sectors combined, Bing’s average cost per click is around $2, which is 33% less than what you would spend on Google for CPC (cost-per-click) advertising. You can choose the budget, be it $100 or $10,000, that works best for you since you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad. For example, you may set a maximum of $0.40 CPC on each Bing ad, and you want each ad to receive 50 clicks per day. Multiplying $0.40 by 50, you get $20 a day, which looks like a reasonable budget. The Settings page of your campaign lets you modify your budget anytime.

How do I create an agency account on Bing Ads?

Head over to the Microsoft Advertising website and get started. Once you choose to sign up, you’ll be prompted to provide your business name and website URL. Then set your target radius, fill in your keywords, fill in the text boxes, add your phone number, set your budget, fill in your contact and payment information, hit the submit button, and go live.

How does Microsoft Advertising work?

Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads, is a PPC advertising platform wherein advertisers bid on keywords related to their business and their ads are displayed to users who are searching for those keywords on the Bing and its partner networks. Advertisers are only charged when users click on their ads, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of any size.

Where do Bing Ads appear?

When a user searches on Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and syndicated partner sites (such as or Bing), your advertising may appear on the search results page. The keywords you connect with your ads affect where they appear.

Is Bing Ads better than Google Ads?

Google still has marginally higher conversion rates, but Bing PPC advertising often has more interaction with websites and post-click landing pages they are referred to. Bing Ads has a conversion rate of around 2.94%, whereas Google Ads has an average conversion rate of 3.75% across all industries.

PPC budgeting is determined by taking into account the anticipated marketing and advertising efforts, both objectively and task-based.

Does Bing/Microsoft Advertising Work?

Bing PPC ads often have more interaction and lead to landing pages when clicked. According to Statista, Microsoft receives 1.03 billion unique monthly visits worldwide, and 38% of its users earn $100,000 or more annually. Microsoft Ads are often less expensive than Google Ads, so they can be worth considering if you have a tight budget or only want to promote on one platform.

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