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Every advertising platform has it’s own unique offering. Bing is the second most powerful advertising platform after Google. You got to be present where your customers are; with 13.7 billion monthly searches on Microsoft Bing, you just can’t ignore it. If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, you have to optimize as well as diversify your marketing efforts across different platforms. If you have not explore Bing or Microsoft search advertising, may be it’s time to consider it and up your game and reach more customers.

What is the Microsoft Search Network?

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Microsoft Search Network is an integral part of the customers’ life as it energize the devices, apps, and sites they use every day and provide them with the information or research (basis search term) in the time that matter most. 

Users reach the Microsoft Search Network on Bing and partner sites, via Windows 10, Cortana, and Office, also across third-party platforms and partnerships — whether it’s search inside Amazon’s gadgets, web results for Siri and Spotlight Search on Apple devices or maps on thousands of popular websites.

Microsoft Search Network Vs. Microsoft Advertising.

The Microsoft Search Network includes Bing and partner sites (AOL, Yahoo, and many others). It’s where your business can reach a broad and unique audience made up of millions of people who search every day on Microsoft network. Utilize the advertising platform, Microsoft Advertising to connect with these high potential customers.

How does Microsoft Advertising work?

Customers search for your products or services.

People enter words or phrases called keywords into search engines like Bing.

Customers see your advertising.

If the keywords in your ad match a customer search, your ad displays next to or above search results on Bing.

Customers contact you or buy your product.

You can configure your ad so people can call you, visit your website or buy your product.

Who does Microsoft Advertising reach?

  1. Bing had 36.9% of U.S. desktop searches
  2. 13.7 billion monthly searches across the globe,
  3. It connects you with 45.4 million users that Google can’t reach.
  4. In fact, 27% of our clicks come from searches that are exclusive to the Microsoft Search Network.
  5. In the U.S., the Microsoft Search Network has 129 million unique users.

Where does my ad displays?

Your ads could display on the top or to the right of Bing, Yahoo, and MSN search results. And you can target your ads to different geographic regions, times or days of the week, and even demographics.

What determines my ad position on the search result page?

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Microsoft Advertising is a Paid advertising system i.e. Pay Per Click (PPC). You bid based on how much you want to pay per each click on your ad. Because the search result page has a limited number of places to show ads, these spaces are auctioned in real time. You are bidding against your competitors to get your ads into the space you want. So if you bid on the keyword “auto repair”, you will have to beat the bids of the other competitors who are also bidding on “auto repair”. You can choose your bid on how much you willing to spend for a click. Your ad position is determined by several things, including: 

  1. How relevant your ad copies and landing page is with the user search term?
  2. How your bid compares to other advertisers in the Microsoft Advertising auction?
  3. How actively your ad has performed in the past and how often it has been clicked (click-through rate)?

 If you are stronger in these areas, the better your chances are for winning the top ad position.

How can I utilize Microsoft Advertising to bring more people to my website?

Below are some tips to get better results:

  1. Analyze your budget and bid strategy. If your ads not serving, your budget limit may be set too low. Competitive bids strategy helps your ad stay in a strong position to catch eyes and get more clicks to your website.
  2. Expand your targeting, both for geographic region and for devices (computer, mobile, and tablet).
  3. Make sure your ads and website are highly relevant to the keywords you bid on. Would someone searching your product or service expect to see an ad for your business?

How can I lower my costs?

Rather go for lowering your budget, first try to lowering your maximum bids. Yes, this means you bring fewer customers to your site. But if you work on increasing your quality score and build ads with a strong performance history, you may be able to get a good ad position with a lower bid. That would lower your cost per click and help control your budget.

How would I know whether Microsoft Advertising is working for me or not?

Check a wide range of performance metrics in your account to quickly see key stats, such as:

  1. Ad clicks, the number of times your ad appeared (impressions).
  2. Total spend, the average cost per click (CPC).
  3. Click-through rate (CTR).
  4. Average ad position.
  5. Cost per acquisition(CPA).
  6. Conversions.

You can also see your performance reports to get insights into how good your campaigns are doing.

At Website Pandas, we have been managing Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) for multiple clients worldwide. We would be happy to talk to you and assist you with any of the following services for your Bing Advertising Account.

  1. Bing Advertising Account Audit
  2. Bing Advertising Account Set up
  3. Shopping Campaigns Set up
  4. Search Campaign Set up
  5. Display Campaign Set up
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization
  7. Goal Setting
  8. Conversion Tracking
  9. Bing Ads PPC Management