Hire Shopify Experts, Designers, Developers & Marketing Professionals

Shopify & Ecommerce are kind of synonymous with each other. With the features, functionality, thousands of third-party apps, etc., Shopify is a preferred platform for any entrepreneur in the e-commerce space. Every entrepreneur wants their business to become a valuable asset. To realize their ambitions, they must hire the appropriate individuals who can assist them in doing so. A Shopify Expert is one such individual or agency.


Why Work With Shopify Experts For Your ECommerce Business?

  • It is essential to have your eCommerce website built using the right technology. More and more people are now turning towards online shopping because of its convenience, availability, etc., but it does not mean that you can ignore all other aspects like speed, design, performance, etc. The Shopify Experts will focus on these factors so that they do not affect your business adversely in any way, which could lead to loss of revenue or customer frustration (and subsequent attrition).
  • In addition to this, there may be specific features & functionality required at certain stages for increasing sales or growing loyalty among existing customers – thus generating repeat orders from them. Shopify Experts can help you improve your sales and revenue by offering targeted advice on optimizing certain aspects of the store. They’ll also be able to provide valuable insight into what marketing strategies are adequate for your specific industry, as well as which ones aren’t producing results.
  • Have a stellar website design? Great! But do people know about it? Your site will only achieve its potential by quality content around your brand and products. This is where Shopify Experts can help as they have the skills to ensure you get noticed in a crowded online world!
  • A Shopify Expert can assist in improving the user experience of your Shopify store, such as customizing themes, an improved homepage design, better SEO optimization techniques, and more.
  • Setting up shipping management (particularly multiple shipping) and different payment options becomes tricky, and if not done correctly, it may lead to frustration. A Shopify Expert on your side will ensure that everything goes smoothly without any problems along the road.
  • Shopify Experts are always on top of the latest technology trends to help you stay ahead in your industry. They can also teach you new techniques and skills that will make running a Shopify store easier for you.
  • Shopify Expert with expert knowledge about eCommerce has an advantage over others because they know what factors must be considered before making any decisions or changes to your site, such as trends within your market, customer habits, and more.
  • Ecommerce businesses have high expectations when it comes to their website performance. An experienced Shopify Expert will know how to help you achieve that – from mobile optimization techniques such as responsive web design (RWD) and fast page loading times to changing elements like call-to-action buttons or homepage features based on analytics data.
  • Having products in multiple currencies and languages can be challenging even with the right platform like Shopify behind you. This is where a Shopify Expert Agency comes into play to manage various currencies & pricing across different geo-locations.

Why Work With A Shopify Expert Agency Rather Than Hiring In-House?

Shopify Expert Agency will have skilled resources across different functions to help you run the site smoothly and successfully. They’ll handle all your needs from product imports, conversions, and marketing automation, as well as guiding how to improve user experience, etc. With Shopify experts agency by your side, any business owner or entrepreneur will be able to build an online store that’s not only functional but also attractive & easy-to-use!

As a business owner, you may not have the time or knowledge to build your online store by yourself. A Shopify Partner agency can do it most efficiently and cost-effectively as they have multiple team members working on different aspects of development simultaneously at their end. You will only be charged with one fixed price, inclusive of all services that will help grow your shop’s value. This enables you to save money because there would be no need for additional individuals who work on separate projects independently – thus increasing costs further down the line when required (if hired).

Why Should You Hire Shopify Experts From Website Pandas?

  • Are you looking to take your small business or eCommerce store to the next level? Do you want more traffic, better conversion rates, and more sales? Many factors can contribute to a successful online presence; however, if one thing will make all of the difference in your success, having a professional design and development team working with you regularly. Website Pandas is a Shopify Partner, and our Shopify experts will work closely with you to create an online store that makes customers happy while generating revenue for your business.
  • Do you find yourself struggling to make sales because your products are not getting enough traffic? Or, are you getting plenty of traffic but don’t know how to convert them into customers? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. We’ve seen this happen time and time again with the clients that we assist with Shopify stores. Our team of Shopify Experts has found success in helping small businesses grow their e-commerce business through expert advice on how they can improve the traffic coming to their site, which will lead to more conversions – meaning more custom for your store. The best part is that it doesn’t take a fortune or an extensive knowledge of web design, blogging, or social media marketing for this kind of transformation. It just takes the right expertise from someone who knows what they’re doing and where to look.
  • Website Pandas is a Shopify Partner Agency that’s packed with Shopify Experts who are ready for you! They will provide their expertise on how your store can compete in a competitive market, generate more traffic & sales to make the most of your current marketing budget, and do this all without sacrificing user experience or website design quality, which are crucial aspects when it comes to online retail success. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that someone out there has got everything under control while focusing on what matters – growing your business beyond its potential!
  • The store that matches your demand. The actual work for e-commerce stores begins only after their launch. We provide your store in the right direction for generating high ROI. Our skilled Shopify expert developers focus on building a conversion-based store with end-to-end support from design and development to launch.
  • Your success matters the most. Every Shopify developer in our team understands the significance of building your brand’s presence online and makes sure that it happens. Their proficiency in design, development, customization, and integration makes us a reliable service provider.
  • Running your e-commerce store smoothly is all about getting reliable maintenance and support. Our team of Shopify Experts is capable of upgrading and maintaining your store. Hire them as per your requirements.
  • Solutions That Deliver Success. We blend Shopify rich features with our creativity to create state-of-the-art Shopify e-commerce stores. Hire our Shopify expert to help you with everything from store setup to Google Local Services. Our services are designed to help you succeed.
  • Modern Design. Our expert graphic designers will ensure that your new website is user-friendly, conversion-focused, and up to date as per Google trends.
  • Shipping Setup.  You may have different shipping rates based on product, size, location, etc. Our Shopify Experts will complete the shipping configuration as per your requirements.
  • Super Fast. Site load time is one of the crucial ranking factors for Google and a critical UX aspect for your customers. We will ensure that your site is super fast from the get-go.

What Are The Different Shopify Expert Services That We Provide?

As a Shopify partner agency, our team consists of Shopify Experts and provides all kinds of services to help your business thrive. What sets us apart from competitors is the fact that we offer a wide range of services, including:

Shopify Store build or Redesign

At Website Pandas, we understand that a Shopify store needs to be both aesthetically appealing and functional. You can’t just throw a bunch of random items onto a store’s homepage hoping they’ll sell themselves – but we’re not talking about anything as basic as throwing up some stock photos here! As much as we love the simplicity of Shopify, sometimes out-of-the-box features aren’t enough for growing businesses and may need special web development services such as custom themes/templates, etc. If your business is looking for additional functionalities beyond what an off-the-shelf theme offers, then let us help you find the best solution for your business and budget. Our talented Shopify experts have years of experience designing beautiful e-commerce sites so that they don’t just grab attention – they keep it too. Our designers focus on much more than simply creating attractive layouts; our goal is always to produce designs that attract the right kind of attention from your target audience.

Shopify Store Migration

Transferring your store to a new platform is time-consuming. Our Shopify experts can do it for you in no time! We will move all of the raw data and images over so that your e-commerce site continues operating smoothly after migration.

Shopify Store Settings & Configuration

Our team of Shopify Experts will ensure that your store is configured so that it can effectively compete with the big boys. We’ll focus on factors like:

  • Customizing all aspects of your storefront
  • Configuring tax calculation rules for your products and location
  • Setting up shipping options to get orders out as quickly as and more…!

Shopify Theme Customization

Customized themes are one of the best ways to improve your site’s look and feel. We have a team of Shopify Experts who will bring out the very best in your storefront by creating custom, high-quality designs that make an impact on visitors right from their first visit.

Shopify Product & Collection Setup

Integrating Shopify products into different collections can be a tricky challenge. Our Shopify Experts will work with you to create product collections that look good and are easy for visitors to browse. We’ll customize all aspects of your collection pages, from the layout and design of those pages right down to which products appear in what order.

Shopify Custom Theme Development

Do you have a specific design in mind? We are Shopify experts and can build an entirely custom theme that matches any site’s look, feel, and functionality. Our team members will work with you to produce something truly unique – whether it’s for your brand or on behalf of one of our clients.

Shopify Custom Domain Setup

You can use your domain name instead of a generic top-level domain to give visitors the sense that they’re in good hands – from the very beginning! We can help you set up Shopify stores with custom domains through one-time purchases or transfer existing eCommerce sites over to Shopify.

Shopify Product Descriptions

Our Shopify Experts can help write unique product descriptions that are well-crafted, informative, and designed to help boost your sales. Product content is one of the most critical aspects of an eCommerce store’s success – because it determines whether or not people will be able to find what they’re looking for in a crowded online marketplace!

Shopify Website & Marketing Content

We can help you create well-written website content that will improve your site’s SEO rankings. Content is king in the digital world, and it doesn’t matter what kind of products or services you’re offering – we’ll provide a constant supply of blog posts and articles designed to attract new customers and keep old ones coming back!

Shopify Store setup and Design Consulting

We’re Shopify Experts and can help you make the most of your online store. Whether it’s about what products to sell or how best to present them – we’ll give our honest assessment based on years of experience working with clients just like yourself!

Shopify Sales Channel Setup

Do you know that Shopify enables you to set up your e-commerce shops across different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, etc.? Our Shopify Experts can help you set up your shops on major platforms and ensure that the checkout process is quick, easy, and secure.

Shopify Analytics & Tracking

We can help you set up Google Analytics and other relevant tracking tools to collect the data necessary for understanding your customers’ behavior. By gathering demographic information (age range, gender, etc.), we will recommend improving conversions across all platforms!

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

Our Shopify Experts help you make your Shopify store more user-friendly by removing any distractions on the site that prevent users from making purchases. Our team of experts can use A/B testing to find out what works best for your customers, then implement those changes accordingly!

Shopify App Installation

There are hundreds of apps that can help you improve your store’s functionality. Our Shopify Experts can recommend and install the app on your site and ensure it is working correctly.

Shopify Brand Strategy

Our Shopify Experts can help you build an effective brand strategy that will let your customers know who you are and why they should buy from your store over the competition. We’ll create a custom style guide for your online presence, including colors, logos, fonts, etc., then implement it across all of your platforms!

Shopify Logo & Visual Branding

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build brand awareness or simply create a logo for your business – our Shopify Experts will help you get started with the design process, then guide you through it at every step of the way!

Shopify Product Photo Retouching & Modeling

If you need high-quality professional product photos retouched and edited for use on various platforms (websites, social media, etc.), then we’ve got just the team of Shopify experts ready to make it happen! Our designers will work with you closely throughout the entire process to create images that reflect exactly what your customers want from their shopping experience; whether they’re searching through online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay or directly through your

Shopify Banner Ads

We can create eye-catching and effective banner ads that will help you increase conversions on your Shopify store. With the right marketing strategy in place, we’ll use our Shopify experts to craft an ad campaign to reach high-volume targeted customers!

Shopify Business Strategy Consulting

Our team of Shopify Experts can help you create a business strategy that will guide your decisions and ensure the success of your store moving forward. No matter how much experience you have in this industry, our Shopify experts are happy to sit down with you for an hour and discuss what it takes to achieve your goals!

Shopify Marketing & Sales consulting

Ready to grow your Shopify business? We can provide consultancy around store layout, marketing campaigns, and strategy. With our help, you’ll make informed decisions about design, messaging, social media posts, influencer campaigns, SEO—we won’t let any stone go unturned. Need that extra push when it comes to online visibility for your Shopify store or boosting sales conversions? Let’s work together.

Shopify SEO Services

Though the Shopify platform comes with SEO-friendly features, you still need a strategy that helps you earn maximum ROI. Our Shopify expert enables you to enhance the store’s SEO to show up on popular search engines like Google and Bing. Most Shopify store owners ignore the SEO aspect of their business, such as product titles, descriptions, snippets, etc., due to which their store never appears on top of the google search results. With proper technical SEO in place on your Shopify store pages, we can ensure search engine crawlers have access to all necessary information about your products and services. Our Shopify Experts will also make sure crawlable links are present throughout the website to avoid potentially costly errors down the line (broken or missing internal/external links). Our team members use only white hat techniques, meaning we don’t do anything unethical, such as engaging in link schemes or publishing duplicate information across multiple sites under different domains. If you want positive results from SEO that will stand the test of time, let our Shopify experts take care of your Shopify store SEO.

Why Choose Us?

At Website Pandas, we understand that choosing the right IT partner for your business is crucial for success in today’s technology-driven world. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose us.

  • Comprehensive Digital Expertise
  • Proven Track Record
  • Customized Strategies
  • Skilled and Experienced Team
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Result-Driven Approach
  • Transparent Communication
  • Exceptional Customer Support

Shopify Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising is one of the fastest-growing advertising channels. With targeted ads that appear before your competitors, you can capture more shoppers in just days or weeks when paired with Google Adwords and other Search engine providers. Our Shopify Experts know how to write compelling ad copy for various channels (Google Adwords etc.), then make sure your ad is showing everywhere it should be! With these advanced strategies, you can use keywords, intended audiences, and other tools to get your message across during an online search for products like yours.

Shopify Social Media Marketing

We can help you create a social media strategy that will generate interest in your brand and products. Our Shopify Experts are adept at creating engaging content and then scheduling it to avoid overlapping with other posts/ad campaigns. By taking care of the heavy lifting for your business, we’ll allow you to focus on running operations while our team keeps fans engaged!

Shopify Content Marketing

Let our team of Shopify experts help manage all aspects of your online presence with customized content creation/curation strategies – we’ll ensure everything from blog posts to Instagram feeds align perfectly with your brand voice and customer base. With the right plan in place, our Shopify experts are happy to monitor everything 24/365 to keep a careful eye out for any new opportunities or potential problems before they arise!

Shopify Email Marketing

A well-rounded content marketing and social media strategy are fantastic but don’t ignore the power of email. When done correctly, newsletters and other targeted messages can help increase your customer’s likelihood to purchase by 300% or more! We’ll work with you (or oversee) to create personalized emails that connect directly with customers’ interests/needs.

Shopify Support

We don’t just build Shopify stores; we monitor them too! Our team can help you identify any problems that might arise with your store’s speed or functionality. Whether it be a simple plugin conflict or a more complicated server issue, our Shopify experts are here to provide 24/365 emergency support to keep things running smoothly, and customers satisfied.

Shopify Site Performance & Speed Improvement

Brilliant business owners are always looking for ways to serve their customers better, which is why you should take advantage of the Shopify experts at website Pandas who have your back. Hosting a fast-load site can help improve conversion rates and engagement with increased traffic. With speed improvements by at least 50%, you’ll be delighted with the shifts in ROI. Get peace of mind knowing that our team will put together actionable items that you can do yourself or implement independently with assistance from our Shopify experts for guidance/training!

Shopify Product Import

Are you having trouble importing products into your store? Let us do it for you! Our experts can easily handle any product import needs – add hundreds or even thousands of products without worrying about anything going wrong along the way. Your inventory is safe in our hands.

Integration With Other eCommerce Platforms

If you already run another online retail business (eBay/Amazon Store) but want to expand into other business fields, we can help! Our Shopify Experts are skilled at integrating other platforms into your shop, so you won’t have to hire another developer. We’ll make the transition as smooth and straightforward for you as possible.

Order Processing & Fulfillment

We are different from our competitors because we offer end-to-end support for everything related to shipping, including order processing, fulfillment management, carrier integration, and more. We’ll configure all aspects of processing orders, so they get out quickly without any mistakes or hassles. We have Shopify Experts who know exactly how to configure order management so you’ll never miss an order or deal with any issues related to shipping/fulfillment again (including inventory management). Even though it seems simple enough on the surface, a lot going on behind the scenes that can’t be seen.

Setting Up Marketing Automations On Your Site That Will Increase Sales & Reduce Bounce Rates

With so much competition out there today, it’s crucial for e-commerce sites to utilize every marketing tool available – but doing so effectively requires knowledge about which tools will work best given different circumstances. Our Shopify expert knows how all the pieces fit together, and we’ll help make sure your site gets found more often by customers, leading to a boost in conversions and sales. The more you know about your target audience, the better equipped you’ll be when it comes time for marketing! Let our Shopify experts research and study trends within your industry to develop effective strategies that will help improve both traffic & conversion rates while saving money.

Shopify Product Reviews & Ratings

The number of customer reviews for any given product plays an essential role in how much attention your store attracts from potential buyers. We have Shopify Experts who know exactly which tactics will encourage visitors to leave feedback on everything from fashion items to outdoor equipment! And as part of our work with you, we’ll make sure those ratings are prominently throughout different areas on your e-commerce site.

Shipping & Tax Calculations

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from years working with Shopify sites, nothing is ever easy when dealing with shipping costs and tax compliance issues. Our team has extensive experience configuring these aspects and setting everything else upon your storefront (from payment gateways to coupon settings).

Marketing Automation via Mailchimp

MailChimp has been free since forever (well, almost). What it comes down to is their users trust them – people love mail chimp because they can easily send newsletters without having to deal with code/design. We offer both paid AND free customizations for marketing automation on your site, so your brand gets noticed more often.

Marketing Automation via Facebook Business Manager

We can create a fully automated marketing machine using FB business manager and messenger bots as our service! Talk to our Shopify experts today.

Customer Support

This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s all too common for companies to take this aspect of their operations for granted and, in turn, wind up losing customers because they don’t offer adequate customer support or even any at all! We have Shopify experts who know how to configure every part of your website, so you’ll always have 24/hr access to information whenever you need it.

Why Do We Recommend Shopify Over Other ECommerce Platforms?

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform, with over 1.5 million stores using it. Shopify offers everything a business needs to start selling online from day one, including secure hosting, mobile-optimized themes, and apps for every need you can think of (analytics & marketing automation), order processing/fulfillment, secure hosting, mobile-optimized themes, SEO tools, payment processing, etc. The list goes on!

Here are the top 23 reasons to choose Shopify as your eCommerce platform.

  1. It’s crucial to find an e-commerce solution that matches your particular business needs and scope. Shopify offers businesses of all sizes the perfect balance between affordability, features & functionality. Their flexible pricing plans are tailored for new or established brands with varying merchandise volume ranges – there isn’t any good reason why you shouldn’t be using Shopify.
  2. The features of Shopify are exceptional: secure hosting, mobile-optimized themes for your storefront, SEO tools to help you increase traffic from Google searches using keywords and product titles.
  3. They also have top-notch security – with a 99.98% uptime guarantee! (In this day in age, no one can afford not to have their site up all the time). Lastly, but most importantly, they offer flexible pricing plans that make it easy to find an eCommerce solution that best matches your company’s needs – even if you’re just starting out or already well established!
  4. There are thousands of apps available to enhance your eCommerce site.
  5. Super Customizable. A key feature of using Shopify is the super-friendly admin panel which allows you to maintain your e-commerce store as per your requirements.
  6. We love working with Shopify is because it allows us to create a more personal relationship with your business – which means better service & happier customers! You no longer need to worry about hosting, bandwidth, or server issues; you don’t even have to pay for updates as they’re all free when using Shopify’s platform.
  7. Shopify Checkout. One can either you Shopify payments or integrate other payment methods of your choice.

  1. Unlimited Products. Shopify allows you to have unlimited products, categories, and tags so that your website reflects the most accurate product information possible for customers.
  2. Mobile-Friendly Interface. Shopify has a mobile-optimized interface that works beautifully on all devices and ensures that your customers experience the same browsing performance across multiple platforms.
  3. Facebook & Instagram Integration. Shopify allows you to integrate a Facebook store so, whenever someone purchases their FB profile, it automatically updates your FB page. This helps create more brand awareness for your business in no time!
  4. Integrations with Major Ecommerce Apps of Your Choice. You can easily sync your eCommerce website design and development services with major apps such as Mailchimp, Big Commerce, etc., by using Zapier app integration. It’s fast & easy to use!
  5. Supports multiple languages. Shopify is an excellent platform if you want to sell your product/service all over the world. Shopify has many third party apps that allow merchants to translate their store into multiple languages, making it easy to market worldwide and increase sales!
  6. When you’re on vacation, you don’t have to worry about your business. The Shopify mobile app lets you operate your online store from your smartphone. Using the Shopify mobile app, you can monitor orders, items, employees, and customers simply utilizing a smartphone.
  7. Shopify Plus offers several key benefits over Shopify. Unlimited scalability is one of them tailored to the needs of more prominent firms and e-commerce organizations. It’s a fully hosted SaaS solution with powerful servers that can handle millions of hits per second and thousands of orders per minute. Your online store will be up and running 99.99 percent of the time, so you may rest assured that it will operate quickly. You’ll also get unlimited bandwidth and a data capacity of up to 200 terabytes if you develop rapidly. If you want to expand your business quickly, this is a platform that can help.

  1. The advantages of Shopify Plus are by no means limited to its own set of features. Users who join Shopify Plus can utilize a slew of unique tools and services, such as the ability to connect with third-party marketplaces like Instagram or Facebook. It also has features that other platforms do not offer, such as Amazon Webstore integration and payment options in different currencies. Shopify Plus is frequently praised for being simple to connect with other platforms. It also has a large app market where you may discover numerous Shopify Plus applications that may be utilized to improve your store’s consumer experiences.
  2. Custom checkout page. The Shopify Plus add-on solves the issue of a cluttered checkout with restricted information for customers to make an informed purchase decision. Merchants may modify the standard two-page checkout to test different variations, including a single-page checkout, three-page checkout, or other. You may invest in a wholly customized checkout experience for your company and even use A/B testing to boost conversions.
  3. The future of eCommerce is mobile-first, and creating a mobile-first e-commerce environment for your business isn’t an option anymore. Regardless of the device used to access the store, you would generally need a Shopify specialist to ensure mobile responsiveness, good speed, and excellent user experience. You may utilize Shopify Plus’s Mobile Store Builder to quickly build native iOS and Android apps without technical knowledge or coding abilities.
  4. Wholesale Management. B2B companies face one of the most challenging problems in e-commerce since their administration process differs from that of a regular online store. Simultaneously, B2B consumers have different expectations that must be considered while designing your store’s appearance and feel. Shopify Plus allows you to set up a B2B website separate from your existing account. You may use features like custom pricing per buyer, shipping restrictions, and bulk discounts in this store. It’s also feasible to add wholesale-only goods to the store and modify and review orders before sending invoices.

  1. Automation does not have to be an option as the business expands. Shopify Plus’s new Flow tool, which is included with the service, allows you to automate customer, inventory, and order management while integrating necessary external tools seamlessly. While Flow gives you the ability to build, customize, and import automation procedures and business logic while also allowing you to make backend changes that may improve productivity immediately. It also gives you flexibility in making backend changes that can enhance productivity right now.
  2. Shopify platform also supports blogging, which allows you to create a blog for your store easily. This is an easy way to engage with customers and provide helpful advice or product recommendations on the topic of eCommerce. Shopify enables business owners to build their online storefronts and give them tools that would help increase growth and customer retention. Shopify store owners can post blogs about relevant topics such as fashion trends to encourage more engagement between brand/businesses and their audience members while improving search engine optimization (SEO) at the same time.
  3. Shopify makes it easy to customize your site, giving you complete control over the HTML and CSS. The Shopify platform allows users to have more creative freedom with their website design because it offers Full HTML and CSS Editing abilities.
  4. The Shopify platform allows you to gift cards that matches your brand story.
  5. On top of all that, Shopify also provides 24/365 support via live chat – meaning there’s always someone available to help if something breaks or you’re stuck on an issue. Plus, their customer support team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about each feature in-depth, so they’ll be able to provide more specific solutions than many competitors who have less experience. Every store owner we work with is impressed with Shopify’s customer support and the speed at which our experts can solve problems.

How Do We Manage Any Shopify Work At Website Pandas?

Our engagement model consists of five distinct phases:

Discovery Phase

  • During the discovery phase, we’ll determine your company’s market position and value proposition along with your business goals.
  • At this time, we’ll also evaluate your current website performance, conversion rates, and customer acquisition and conversion rates. We’ll suggest measures to improve your KPIs as a result of our analysis.
  • We work together to establish precise results to meet your demands through open and frank communication.

Strategy Formulation

  • We work to identify high-impact business ideas and strategic e-commerce solutions at this stage.
  • Our team of Shopify Experts is constantly seeking new ways to help you reach your objectives through the use of big data and AI. We’re not just a “trendy” company that uses such terms as “automation,” “segmentation,” and “personalization.” Our ecosystem will integrate cutting-edge technologies with tried-and-true methods.
  • Our goal is to help you increase your bottom line and improve your critical KPIs.

Design Depot

  • Websites must be consistent and straightforward. We design state-of-the-art designs as well as workflows that are easy to use.
  • We create detailed and feature-rich wireframes that follow a customer’s journey from start to end.
  • We utilize tried and true methods to communicate your message and tale. We discover the ideal blend of pictures, images, and words to tell your narrative.

Development Stage

  • With over ten years of expertise building e-commerce platforms, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge of in-store setup and technical ecosystems.
  • We’ve built over hundreds of Shopify stores utilizing a variety of free and premium themes. We treated them all equally, and they received the same amount of consideration and customization as we would give you.
  • You may need custom capabilities on your website. We can either adapt an existing Shopify app or create a private app to meet your company’s needs.

Ongoing Support

  • We’ll serve as your adviser from start to finish, solving problems, answering questions, and addressing concerns for you.
  • We’re there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to prevent your company from experiencing any shortages of staff or any downtime.
  • After completing your project, we have several retention packages to assist with ongoing maintenance and digital marketing 

Frequently Asked Questions

When moving from Shopify to Shopify Plus, getting Shopify Expert help is strongly advised. Several technological aspects must be managed during the move, and specialists best do it with the required abilities and understanding.

Here are some reasons to transition your present e-commerce business to Shopify: Your company’s yearly revenue has surpassed $1 million. There are too many time-consuming chores in your current operation that prevent you from exploring new opportunities.To make the purchasing experience better by personalizing your store’s checkout. You’re prepared to grow as an overseas e-commerce brand.

Shopify’s primary distinctions from Shopify Plus are the number of features offered and the level of sophistication. Of course, with Shopify Plus, you get more functionality and higher-level tools. Upgrading to Shopify Plus is a smart choice if you already operate an e-commerce business and want to go big.

Depending on your requirements, you can buy a block of hours or book a consultation session at $75/hr. Please fill the contact form on this page, and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly to determine the most cost-effective pricing strategy for you.

There are two types: Frontend & backend developers – most people wouldn’t need the latter as all frontend changes can be done from within the admin panel; however, you may need someone with backend skills if you’re looking to build an app or integrate your website with another platform.

Ecommerce marketing agencies tend to work with fixed monthly retainers and then bill extra for any additional work they do outside of this scope (so their clients don’t have to pay them for hours that weren’t used).

That depends on what services are included in your contract but expect anywhere between $300-$3000+ depending on several factors.

Many different factors can affect the success of an online store, but without a doubt, one of the most significant ones would have to be experienced in SEO or SEM – this could mean all the difference between having high rankings on popular sites like Google vs. getting buried deep down on page #20+. Our Shopify Experts know exactly what needs doing & will come up with strategies that will bring in more traffic to your store.

Ecommerce marketing involves any form of promotion that can be done online. This includes pay-per-click ads, social media advertising, and organic search engine optimization, amongst other things. The goal is to increase traffic to your website, leading to more conversions (sales).

Some projects may only take a few hours, while others, such as those involving custom development or migrations from one e-commerce platform to another, could require more time depending on various factors such as complexity & the number of products involved.

Whether or not you have an online store running on another platform, upgrading its design and functionality might be essential for increasing conversions. Don’t worry! Our Shopify Experts know how to improve user experience without compromising the current layout and theme structure. All you have to do is tell us about what changes are required – we’ve got this covered!

Please complete the contact form on this page, and one of our Shopify experts will be in touch shortly – they’ll help outline the next steps from there! We look forward to hearing from you :)!

We offer discounts if you sign up for a yearly retainer with us. We also have regular promotions so call us to check on the latest available offer.

Our average work hour rate is $75 per hour.

A lot depends on your requirements; however, it may take around four to six weeks on average with standard functionality. Again this may change depending on the level of customization required.

When it comes to our clients, emergency support is always available.

We take security extremely seriously, and we protect your data with the same precautions that banks use.

Yes, of course. Our expertise lies not only in setting up new stores, but also improving the existing one. We can help by optimizing it through our digital marketing services or making changes as needed. If you are unhappy with something, let us know to try different strategies until everything works out!

That depends on your needs. We offer a free consultation to determine the best solution for you, and we will give you an estimate after that.

Yes, all our developers are fluent in English.

You will get regular updates via email as well as scheduled phone calls.

Yes, you will have a dedicated Shopify Expert working with you throughout.

In addition to theme customization and design work, our Shopify experts can help with anything related to coding. Custom coding is beneficial when it comes to custom applications you may need for your business that are not available on the Shopify app store – just let us know what you’ve got in mind, and we’ll get started!

We work with apps from around the web to ensure that whatever your needs may be, they’re covered in some way! Some examples include Mailchimp (email marketing), Facebook & Google Analytics (tracking visitors & conversions), FOMO (emails upon cart abandonment or product page visits) as well as many more!

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. We also take international wire transfers, typically the best option for those who do not have a PayPal account.

The first step is to request a free consultation where our Shopify experts can discuss your project in detail, answer any questions/address any concerns, and ensure that they’ve everything required to move forward. Just fill in the form on this page and we will revert shortly.

We offer convenient monthly plans which include a variety of different services – just let us know what stage your Shopify store is currently at, along with any other details about how best we can get started! You’ll receive an email within 24 hours explaining exactly how much each plan costs, along with available payment methods & terms (credit card/ Paypal). Payment is always required before milestones are met, and there are never any hidden fees – our business model is all about transparency!

You do: once milestones have been met and everything is set up perfectly, we’ll hand everything back over to you.

We want our customers to leave satisfied, and we understand that sometimes things don’t always go as planned. That’s why there is never any obligation by you or us – if something isn’t working out, then we can try different strategies until it does! If you decide it would be best for all parties involved to part ways at some point along the way, just let us know to make sure no time/resources are wasted.

Yes, we do provide a range of customer service options to help meet your needs – whether that’s a phone or email-based assistance (and even live chat during peak hours). Our Shopify Experts are here whenever you need them.

Of course! We understand the need for discretion, and our Shopify experts will keep everything confidential.

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