Compose Product Descriptions For Your Shopify Store That Sell

A few customers have arrived at your Shopify store looking for that one product that fits their needs. The final step is convincing these customers to click on add to cart.

How? With an appealing product description. A product copy is vital to your Shopify store when it comes to improving sales conversion.

However, even though product descriptions hold incredible power, it can be tough to draft a good product copy, especially when you have numerous product descriptions to pen down.

How Do Product Descriptions Affect Sales Conversion?

Did you know that almost 20% of purchase failures are due to unclear or missing product descriptions of the brand?

A good product copy drives sales conversion and enhances customer experience. Much like a salesperson guiding a shopper in a physical store, a product copy helps online shoppers to browse and search for product specifications that suit their requirements.

Here are a few rules that could help you create a good product copy that sells.

Know Your Buyer Persona

Identifying and defining your target market is the first step to draft your product descriptions. You should identify and highlight features that would interest your potential buyers and get them to take action.

It begins with knowing your buyer persona that lists down the characteristics of your potential customers. Your buyer persona gives a good understanding of which features will be valuable to your target customers.

When drafting your product copy, keep the following in mind;

  • How did these visitors arrive at your page?
  • What were their interests, in general?
  • Why would they be specifically interested in your Shopify store?
  • How would they describe your product to someone?
  • What features or benefits of your product would interest them the most?

With these in mind, you will be able to come up with a decent copy for your product.

Remember that your buyer persona is not someone who happened to arrive at your Shopify store to buy an indoor plant. It is someone interested in all-natural home remedies, and hence, is looking for specific information in your product description. You cracked this sale because your product copy gave him/her the information he/she wanted. Rather than focusing on the decorative aspects of the indoor plant, your product description should focus on features that appealed most to your buyers.

Talk About The Benefits Of Your Products

It is natural to be excited. You would want to showcase the best features and benefits of your products to your potential buyers.

The buyers, however, may not be necessarily interested in the monotonous features of your product. What they are looking for is how your product benefits them.

A product feature acts as a factual statement for buyers. The product benefit, however, convinces buyers that your product can improve their lives in measurable ways. It is this that converts.

Before you draft your product descriptions, pen down the outline of the product features and benefits and how it can reduce a pain point or improve lives.

For instance, if a face cream’s product feature is 100% natural ingredients, then the benefit would be reduced allergies and skin problems.

Translating your product features into benefits helps you draft a more persuasive product copy.

Narrate The Full Story Of Your Products

A good product description must provide relevant details to convince the buyer of its benefits and one that packs a solid emotional punch. Emotions influence a buyer’s behavior, and hence, your product copy serves as the sweet spot to evoke the right emotions. You achieve this by filling in gaps with the knowledge that potential buyers may have about the product.

By narrating the story of your product, you can connect with potential buyers on an emotional level. It is key to converting them into actual buyers and eventually into loyal advocates.

When narrating your product story, answer these questions;

  • Who is the manufacturer of this product?
  • What inspired them to make it?
  • What was the story behind the making of this product?
  • How would this product benefit or serve the buyer?

Setting a narrative about your product helps a buyer envision it in a way that brings to light benefits that a product feature could never achieve. If you can instill imagination into a buyer’s mind to see your product as an emotional companion, you compel them to take action and buy it.

A Tone That Speaks And Connects

A conversational product copy connects with potential buyers almost instantly. It’s like talking to a friend rather than sounding like a string of computer-generated words. Inject soul and meaning into your product descriptions.

Use consistent conversational language and tone to connect buyers with your brand. It builds trust and makes your Shopify store more memorable than the million others selling on Shopify.

Include Power Words In Your Shopify Product Copy That Sell

Natural phrases evoke emotional responses in people. Luckily, it also has the potential to increase sales for Shopify store owners. Using them can help convince buyers to take the leap and buy your products.

Our tip. When drafting your product description, use descriptive adjectives or words to dress up your copy a bit. For instance, replace words like good with stunning.

By sprinkling apt descriptive words into your product copy, you are convincing buyers that your product is impressive and worth it.

Draft Shopify Product Copies That Are Easy To Scan And Read

Humans have a short attention span. As per data, people read about 16% of what they see on your Shopify page. Your product description should be able to capture that 16% smartly. It is possible by making your product copies easy to scan and read.

Buyers can find what they are looking for without wasting time and effort to sift through text-heavy information.

Break down the product descriptions into short paragraphs and bullet points, and use legible fonts and font sizes.

As experts in Shopify product descriptions, we look at opportunities to improve your copy and follow a scan-able structure that attracts potential buyers and keeps them hooked.

Optimize Your Shopify Product Description For Search Engines

Virtually everything that you do on your Shopify store has to be optimized. Content plays a vital role in improving your search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to optimize and drive traffic to your Shopify page. It is the first step to convincing a buyer to take action.

SEO uses high-performing keywords infused into your copy to optimize. Therefore, a product copy with smart keywords (search terms that buyers use to find products)has a higher chance of appearing at the top SERPs. With a little bit of help from keywords, you can quickly make your products discoverable to potential buyers.

For good measure, and in line with SEO best practices, we recommend placing apt keywords in your page titles, meta descriptions, image tags (ALT tags), and product descriptions. Ensure that the main keyword (search term for your product) is added to the product title section as it would carry more weight with search engines.

Adding keywords to your product titles and descriptions may not earn you the top rank on SERPs, but it will help them find your product with ease.

High-Quality Images Always Make An Impact

Despite mastering product descriptions, you need the support of top-quality images to make an impact on buyers.

Why? Because almost 63% of customers think that a product image holds more weight than its description or reviews.

Quality images featuring your product benefits compel buyers to imagine their positive impact on their lives if they owned it.

Here are a few more helpful questions to guide you with drafting your product copy.

  • What are the problems that your products are solving?
  • What are the powerful words you used?
  • Did you narrate the full story?
  • Would you speak in that tone or language to a friend?
  • Does the image display the key features and benefits of your product?

Test your product copy and monitor results. Write down what worked and what did not. Implement new ways to improve your copy. It’s an ongoing exercise. There is no one perfect formula to drafting an ideal product description.

Why Choose Website Pandas Shopify Product Description Services?

Detailed product descriptions are tough to nail down and require experienced copywriters who know what works. It helps save time, effort, and money that goes into your business.

SEO optimized

One wrong SEO tactic can cost you your business. Most SEO agencies offer short-cut tactics to bring your Shopify store to the first pages of search engines, but in the long run, your site gets penalized by search engines, and this means complete loss of business.

We draft Shopify product descriptions that include verified SEO best practices to maximize your product page conversions.

High quality

Our expert copywriters will draft compelling Shopify product descriptions that highlight all the benefits and features of your products and ones that convert and sell.

High conversion

Unique and professionally crafted product descriptions help convert website traffic to potential leads. Our copies include product titles, meta descriptions, and unique ALT tags.

Let us help you with your Shopify product descriptions. Call us today!

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At Website Pandas, we understand that choosing the right IT partner for your business is crucial for success in today’s technology-driven world. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should choose us.

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