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Significance of Data Analysis To Optimize Your Content Strategy

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Content optimization is significant when you want your blog, content, or other posts to reach multiple eyes and catch attention quickly. It is commonly seen that even top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) posts, write-ups, blogs fail to capture the viewers’ attention even after a long period. This happens because, without optimization of your content, the blog posts can disappear in the Google vortex. Even high-quality content gets no attention on the internet if the search engine cannot find it or it does not reach the right audience interested in that particular topic, subject, product, service, or business.

The posts might only disappear if the blogger has used appropriate keywords or a creative topic that can catch the audience’s attention. Reality brings heaviness to your content; authentic content is necessary for it to stay in sight. In this article, we have covered specific points that can help bloggers or businesses to optimize their data and analyze the data to rank their websites on top of SEO.

How does data analysis use to improve your content strategy?

You need more than just writing up good content or blog post; you need to optimize it to get attention and rank it high on search engines. Analyzing the data helps you identify the decisions related to content marketing and warrants that your published content will appeal to and will influence the audience that is being targeted.

The correct usage while interpreting the data is a part that brings immense benefits to the uplift of the content strategy. According to the studies, only 61% of the organizations currently claim to measure their content marketing Return on Investment (ROI), while the other 44% don’t claim to use this as part of their daily exercise. In reality, by learning more about data analysis and understanding the target audience, you can improve your content making it more creative and relevant.

The different tips and tricks of data analysis that can help improve the content strategy include:

improve the content strategy

1. The content should be planned with social listening data, where the bloggers or businesses can use Keyhole or Sprout Social tools to scan the most applicable keywords, brand terms, or industry buzzwords to find out about the conversations or interactions that your visitors or potential customers are having about that particular topic. About 51% of marketing personnel use social listening data to update themselves about recent market trends or industry trends. The problems of the content writers needing help finding relevant topics and information can also be solved through social listening.

2. More than 75% of content marketing experts claim that SEO is the best and most effective way to implement a content strategy and generate heavy traffic on your website. Hence, try strategizing the SEO content with keyword data to get immense benefits. The keyword data can help you find the newer and the best keywords to run successful campaigns to promote your content, posts, or blogs on different search engines or social media sites.

3. Different website analytics, such as Google Analytics, are used by about 88% of content strategy experts to identify users’ personas and behaviour accordingly.

4. Nowadays, social media platforms provide a powerful platform for content writer to share their work and get the attention of the most interested audience. So, use social analytics data to refine your social media content and engage the most audience through social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

5. The purchasing data on your website helps businesses or companies to get detailed knowledge about their potential customers as they need to fill in their data at the time of purchase. Purchasing data can aid in getting better leads for businesses.

6. Email engagements help content strategy experts better personalize their websites’ content.

7. A/B testing is one of the effective ways of data testing that effectively helps optimize your data, pull more traffic, and increase the website’s leads.     

Looking for ways to optimize your content strategy?

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Ankur Goyal

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