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Google Ads Demystified: An In-Depth Look at Campaign Types, Ad Formats, Targeting Options, and Advanced Tricks for Businesses and Agencies

Google Ads Demystified: An In-Depth Look at Campaign Types

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An influential advertisement that reaches its target audience has an immediate and powerful impact on the business. Social media ads include YouTube or Facebook ads, and Google ads are coveted nowadays. Google ads provide an assured reach to a larger audience with an impact of the products or services on them. Google has upraised itself and established an identity that is beyond a brand. The Google search engine has a massive reach, with about 2 billion daily searches. With such an enormous audience, businesses & advertising agencies can get huge profits from their products or services if the ad campaigns are streamlined in the right direction.

The most significant advantage of a search engine like Google is that you are projecting your advertisements to a group interested in your service. On other advertising platforms, the reach of the advertisements is generalized; hence, intent harnessing needs to be more relevant in such media.

Moreover, Google is a simple, straightforward search engine that aids an easy understanding of the ad campaigns run by businesses or advertising agencies. Google ads provide a multi skilled behavioral option for the agencies to create brand awareness and achieve leapfrogged results in less time.With Google ads, the agencies can maximize ROI (return on investment) through different campaign types and audience targeting. Let’s take a look at them.

Google search engine provides a variety of advertising formats based on your marketing goals, brand strategy, and the time and money you can invest in the ad campaign. Selecting the proper ad format will lower your investment in finances and time and provide great results to boost your services. The different ad campaigns include

Google ad campaigns Type

Search campaigns

These text ads will pop up whenever anyone searches for your product or service. These are easy-to-set-up ad campaigns with only a few words or phrases that can draw immediate attention. These ads provide a particular audience targeting which helps to boost the services within no time.

Display campaigns

These ad campaigns are in the form of images to fascinate the prospective audience towards your ad campaign. Human psychology insists one remembers if they had seen something eye-catching. The advertising agencies should be able to harass this very feature of human nature through some catch figures in their display campaigns. These visually engaging ad campaigns help drive good sales in significantly less time.

Video campaigns

Video ad campaigns are short videos designed to draw prospective customers’ attention toward their services or products. These short videos can be set as educational, comedy, or any other format to create awareness about the product or services and “create conversions” to achieve maximum benefits. Video campaigns help agencies in targeting people beyond the search results of YouTube.

App campaigns

The App campaigns work through your app and help optimize the ads related to your brand across the search engines of Google, including websites, YouTube, Play store, and over 3 million other apps and websites. These ad campaigns aid in promoting your app and lead to multi-level marketing, which engages the customers and drives them toward your products or services.

Local campaigns

The local campaign ads help to bring the audiences physically to a local shop, store, or venue through an online advertisement. These ads promote local stores and help grow businesses.   

Smart campaigns

The Google search engine helps target prospective customers through the business information you provide. Smart campaigns are one of the easiest methods to increase the demand for your product and sales through online platforms.

Performance Max campaigns

The Google search engine helps target prospective customers through the business information you provide. Smart campaigns are one of the easiest methods to increase the demand for your product and sales through online platforms. Google itself will optimize the ad campaign to Google Ads Inventory, enabling a single campaign to run on multiple platforms.

Shopping Campaigns or Performance Max with Merchant Center Feed

These ad campaigns benefit B2C (business to customers) businesses where the retailers directly interact with their prospective customers. These ads will appear on both the Google Search Engine and the shopping tab provided by Google, where the products or services will be listed. 

Now that we’ve gone through the various ad formats let’s explore some cutting-edge strategies to help you conserve your advertising budget and maximize return on investment.

Negative keywords

Negative keywords

Why should you use negative keywords?

Use negative keywords to ensure ads are shown to the right audience. The negative keywords on Google ads are the type of words or phrases that do not trigger your advertisement to pop up in front of anyone who has for that phrase. The selection of negative keywords should be made very precisely so as not to limit the reach of your ad to prospective customers.

When the negative keywords are selected for Search Campaigns, use words or phrases that are similar to your keywords or can divert your audience’s attention to an entirely different product. For example, if you want to sell something like eyeglasses, use negative keywords such as kitchen glassware, wineglasses, etc., so as not to withdraw the attention of your customers from the eyeglasses.

For display or video campaigns, the negative keywords prevent the customers from reaching an entirely different website or video platform. The Negative Broad Match will prevent your ad from being displayed if all the words or phrases in the search match the negative keywords. In Negative Exact Match, the ad will not be displayed only when the search constitutes the keywords in the same order as is mentioned in the negative keywords.

The advertising agencies can also use three types of symbols broadly in the negative keywords that include ampersands (&), accent marks (á), and asterisks (*) to have a more defined negative keyword and have a better search experience.

Ad Extensions

Google Ad Extensions

Utilize ad extensions to give ads more visibility and make them more compelling

Everyone desires to stand out in a crowd and grow their start-up, business, or any other project. Google extension helps your ad to stand out and look different from the group. This feature of Google assists in adding useful extra information about your business just below the main body of your ad.

While using Google Ads Extension, your ad campaign will have a piece of better information about your product, service, or business. This will help better to engage more prospective audiences towards your ad campaign. The quality of the ad will improve much fold, and the advertisement’s visibility on the online platform will increase, providing a wider reach and better traffic generation towards your campaign. With all these perks, you can better save your time and money on running ad campaigns.

The ad extensions provided by Google are of various types, such as

Location Extension

It helps the customers to find the location of your business. This will assist them in reaching out to you personally.

Call Extension

It assists prospective customers in contacting you directly through a single button click.

This type of Google extension helps to add links to your other websites, pages, or social media accounts just below the many bodies of your running ad campaign. This way, prospective customers will better visualize the service or product you are advertising.

Structured Snippet Extension

This aids in highlighting the specific phrases, words, or information about your ad campaign.

Price Extension

This extension will reveal the prices of your products to your customers beforehand so that they can have a clear mind make up of buying your product or service.

Promotion Extension

It is a promotional extension through which you can provide the best deals, offers, discounts, or any other feature that has the potential to attract the audience to your business.

App Extension

The engaged customers can directly find your app in the Play Store through the App extension. It helps in brand promotion as well as brand building.

Lead Form Extension

The potential customers can directly sign in through your ad without visiting the website. This enables you to get all the leads and information of the interested people, which can be utilized consciously in the future. 

Automated Ad Extension

If Google finds the ad has the potential to do much better, it automatically includes this extension without charging any extra cost and helps your ad campaign to run in a better way and has a more significant viewership. 

It’s recommended to have a Google Ads Specialist or hire an agency to utilize the correct extension to your ad campaign to get a better user confrontation, increase the

click-through rate (CTR), and differentiate your ad campaign from the competitors.

Audience Targeting

Google ads Audience Targeting

Use audience targeting to show ads to the right people

Specific targeting of the prospective users is a must to have an appropriate reach to the customers. Firstly, have a transparent approach to your product or service and the type of customers you want to target. Once it is done, target the audience in your ad campaign itself. Google has provided various audience segments, among which you can select one based on your preferences.

Affinity segment

Through this segment, the agencies can target people according to their interests, habits, and lifestyle.

Custom segment

The agencies can reach out to prospective customers through relevant and specific keywords, phrases, or apps.

Demographic segment

Demographics is based on the users’ essential milestones in life or their intent in an online market to purchase things. Through this information, the agencies can harness much information about their prospective visitors and achieve a better reach.

Your Data segment

This segment allows you to interact with the users who had earlier visited you through your website, app, or accounts or pages on social media platforms.

This specific targeting of the prospective customers enables you to target the most interested visitors with much time and cost-saving.  

A/B Testing

Test different ad copy and creative

Online ad campaigns are sometimes baffling and must indicate what is best for your business. Hence, experiment with creative ideas to project your ad campaigns.

The agencies can also try the A/B testing method when running an ad campaign on Google search engines. A/B testing enables you to run two ad campaigns for a single product, service, or information. The Google Ads Tool aids in the setting of such type of testing, which assists the ad agencies in better knowing the intent of their prospective customers.

Even if your ad campaign is doing good, A/B testing helps refine the content to a much deeper level and improves the marketing skills of the seller or the advertising agency. 

Conversion Tracking

Google ads - Conversion Tracking

Use conversion tracking to measure the success of campaigns

Conversion is how many visitors to your ad are converted as buyers of your product or service. Conversion tracking is a free tool of Google that helps agencies track prospective visitors who have visited the website or app.

Conversion tracking enables the agencies to know better which keyword or phrase has worked for their ad campaign. They are now better able to track their finances in terms of Return On Investment (ROI). Conversion tracking starts after you set up the conversion action tool in your Google Ads account. After that, you can track any action performed through your ad. This includes actions on the website like any purchases or sign-ups, any call through your ad or website, the exact figure of the apps downloaded and installed, and many other such actions.

In this way, you can have more precise information about the ad campaign and the responses it is receiving.

Ongoing Monitoring

Monitor campaigns regularly and make adjustments as needed.

To regulate and monitor your ad campaigns is essential to have the best output from a running ad campaign. The keywords or other information provided in the campaign should be checked and measured along with its performance regularly. The images or videos installed along with the main body of the ad should be scanned for their performance after a definitive interval. Try to have a keen insight into your ad performance and do the modifications as per the requirement. 


With Google Ads, businesses can reach out to more potential customers in the shortest time possible. To ensure success, however, an effective and well-targeted ad campaign must be implemented precisely. Doing so will exponentially increase your audience base while maximizing ROI simultaneously!

Unless you are an expert in Google Ads, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable Google Ads specialist or obtain services from an experienced agency such as Website Pandas. Website Pandas is a full-service Google Ads agency that can help you create, target, and execute an effective ad campaign. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and then craft an advertising strategy to get you the desired results.

With Website Pandas on your side, you can focus on what you do best – running your business! We’ll take care of all the nitty-gritty details of setting up and managing your Google Ads account so that you can see a real return on investment. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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