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How to set up a Google Search Ads Campaign

How to set up a Google Search Ads Campaign

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Google search network is a group of Google search partner websites and apps where your ads appear. When you run ads for Google search, your ad can eligible to appear on search result page with term related to one of your keywords.

Where your ads can appear in Search Network?

Your ads can showon Google search results page and on other search sites when your keywords are related to a user’s search.

Google search sites:Ads can show above or below search results page on Google Search. They can also shop besides, above, or below search results on Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Google Maps/Maps app.

Google search partners: Your Ads may show with search results on websites of Google search partners or as part of a relevant search or link unit. For text ads, Google search partners include 100s of non-Google websites, as well as Google Videos and other Google sites. Product listing ads (PLA) can appear on search partner sites which display and link to products for sale. Click impression ratio or clickthrough rate (CTR) for ads on search partner sites doesn’t impact the Quality Score on

What sorts of ads you can run on the Search Network?

Text ads, Dynamic Search Ads, and call-only ads: These ads are the most common types of ads on the Search Network. These ads often appear with ad extensions, which enables advertisers to include extra information about their businesses like location or phone number in their ads. Shopping ads: Shopping ads appear with product name, image, size, color, availability and link to products for sale. These ads are labeled as “Sponsored.”

Image and video ads:Image and video ads can appear on Search partners sites.

How do you setup Google search campaign?

Google Ads makes it easy to show the globe what’s unique about your business, so you can reach customers searching for your product or services.

What sorts of ads you can run on the Search Network?

Step1: Choose your goals

Google ads will tailor your ad based on the results you want. Google Ads can help you in every aspect of advertising, no matter which advertising goal you choose: –

 1. Get more calls to your business

 Choose your adverting goal as calls to get customers on the phone to book appointments, schedule a job or close a deal.

 2. Increase visits to your shop

 Select advertising goals to shop visits if you own a physical shop or office that relies on foot traffic.

 3. Drive people to your website

 Choose your advertising goal to take action on your website if you want people to shop on your online store, sign up for your mailing list or fill in a form.

set up a Google Search Ads Campaign

Step2: Decide where and whom to advertise

You have to find the right audience, for your ad to perform well. Google Ads lets you choose the location where your ad will appear, including within a certain proximity (radius) of your store or covering entire regions and countries.

Google Search Ads Campaign

Step3: Create your ad copy

Google Ads makes it easy to create effective ad copy or include images. With a variety of ad formats available, Google will help you determine how best to design your ad based on your advertising goals and marketing objectives.

Makes Google Search Ads Campaign

Step4:Set your budget cap

With Google Ads, you only decide how much to spend, and will never pay more than your monthly budget cap. There is no minimum spend, and no commitment. We will recommend a budget based on businesses that are identical to yours, along with estimated results. Most of the ads start seeing results in about a month.

Width Google Search Ads Campaign

Step5: Live you campaign

Google will display your ads when people search for products or services similar to yours. Your ads can appear on Google Search and Maps, and across Google partner sites. You will pay for the results, like when people click your ad to call your business, visit your website or get directions to your shop.

Google will display your ads

Benefits of Google search campaign?

Highly targeted traffic:

Whether your objective is to sell more products& services, or expand an email-marketing list, Google search campaign can play a vital role in accomplishing your business objectives. In Google Ads, your campaign manager is able to research the terms or phrase used to find your products or services and bid on those highly relevant term i.e. keywords. We recommend you to start with 10-20 keywords so you’re able to see how they performs before making any changes. There are different ad-targeting tools available that allows you for very granular targeting, such as targeting by location, device, language, time of day, and even previous web visits.

Outrank Your Competitor Ads:

Google AdWords offers a smarter option to beat your competitors. Let’s say you have tough competition with one of the brands in your niche and you think that most of the prospective sales are shared by them.

To back up the inference, Google Search Ads outrank share report shows that most of the times this competitor of yours outranks you on Google. With Google AdWords, you can select “Target Outrank” automated bidding strategies to customize your bid to outrank the specified competition in the auction. Outranking the competitor’s Ads can be referred to as one of the most crucial benefits of Google AdWords.

Influence the Audience to Make the Purchase:

How many times you make the purchase or give your contact details at your first visit on a website? The very common answer would be rarely!

The reason is, in the era of the internet all information is available at the tip of your finger and before making purchase, the consumer does a lot of online research, compares different options, features and prices. It is very important for brands to influence the decision of people who have visited your website to make them reach through the purchase funnel.

To influence the audience to make purchase, Google AdWords’ remarketing ads play an important role. Audience visit a website through any source can be categorized into different audiences and targeted on the websites which are on Google Display Network.

Increase Ad Visibility to the High-Quality Audience:

A major misunderstanding among advertisers is that each keyword should have 100% search impression share. However,in reality, is it possible to spend money on every search? Many times, the searches can be just for research by people doing a project, competitors’ analysis etc. who have no motive of buying your product.

With Google Ads, it is advisable to serve ads to the audience who are more likely to buy your product or services. One has to select automatic bidding technique such as Enhanced Cost per Click(Ecpc), wherein bid will be adjusted based on your previous conversion data and the combination of details of those converters like location, device, model, browser, time of the day, the day of the week etc.

A/B Testing to Improve Performance:

Let’s say you have a product with new feature which you think would attract customers, so you replace existing feature with the new features in your ad copies and update the same thing on your landing page. Meanwhile, you also decided to test one of the automatic bidding strategies to improve conversions.

You can test with Google AdWords options to experiment one change per campaign and test over a period of time, whether the condition A or the condition B delivered the better result. Data obtained in the experiment is statistically verified to remove the poor performing one.

Demographic Targeting to Finetune Your Audiences:

One of the important updates of Google AdWords particularly for search campaign is the targeting by user demographics like age, gender, parental status etc. Let’s say that you are a web designer and your target customers are people who have a business or who are planning to start a business.

You have started running ads on Google AdWords and observe that your conversion rate is not great. Now, you decided to look at the demographics of your audience and found that 30% of traffic is coming from the age group of 18-24 which is obviously not the age group of your audience.

Then you decide to exclude this age group in an experiment and run the experiment for some time. By the completion of the experiment, you observe the conversion rate of your experiment is much better than the original. This is one of the instances how users’ demographics is one of the advantages of Google AdWords.

Schedule the Ads to Reach Your Audience at the Right Time:

One of the main advantages of Google Ads is to decide the time & day when you want your ads to run. But isn’t it profitable to run ads 24/7? Not always. It depends on your industry niche, product, service and more importantly history of your ad campaign.

After running your campaign for 3-6 months, collect the data based on time of the day and day of the week, identify the time or day or combination of it which are ruining your budget (no conversion, only clicks) and either reduce the bid or pause the ads at that time or day. Run the experiment for a few days and check if your cost per conversion and conversion rate is improved.

Target Your Past Visitors with Remarketing at Very Low Price:

When it comes to Google search campaign, advertisers normally choose exact or phrase match keywords to make sure ad is served to potential keywords. With Google Ads RLSA features, one can use broad match keywords smartly. One can create a campaign with broad match keywords and select RLSA audience for that campaign.

By this, you will expend your search query for users who have visited your website with the confidence that their search would be around your product. This helps one to expend their search options for revisiting audience.

Ankur Goyal
Ankur Goyal

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