Building Distributed Systems With Node.Js:

A distributed system means any network having n number of computers which are connected to each other via distribution middleware. The main advantage of such a system is that they help in sharing different system resources and capabilities to provide single and integrated coherent network. In such system all connected nodes interact over some kind of intranet and keep in synch with each other by passing messages.

One of the biggest advantages would be if a website running on a distributed set of servers is that it will still remain operational even though if server even fails.

Distributed systems support large applications in numerous ways. Some of them are:

Speed and content Distribution

Distributed systems are much faster and responsive than single-computer systems because request queries are routed to a particular user’s information rather than sending all of the requests to a single machine and overloading it. Requests can also be routed to servers physically closer or on a speedy network resulting better response time.

Scaling and Parallelism

Applications with distributed systems can scale very easily. In such systems as we receive more user requests all we need to do is add more system resources, so that the application can sustain and scale to entertain growing user requests, smoothly.

A distributed system can be made more scalable by following 2 types of scaling:

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal Scaling means adding to hardware capacity by adding more computer to the system rather than upgrading the hardware of single one.

Vertical Scaling.

Vertical Scaling means increasing power of the existing machine, i.e. increasing RAM, CPU etc.

Cassandra, MongoDB, Google Cloud Spanner are some examples of horizontal scaling while MySQL — Amazon RDS (The cloud version of MySQL) could be good examples for vertical scaling.

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Distributed Systems with Node.js