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Everyone needs faster and exponential growth, whether in life or on the professional front. Productivity is the ultimate aim towards which businesses work. This falls to be more critical in the case of small businesses or the gig economy, where the actual difference between success and failure is the productivity of the business or company.

There are multiple ways businesses can enhance their business and growth in productivity. One such essential and strategic manner is through automation, software that can handle basic routine marketing tasks without human interference. Common automation workflows that aid in digital marketing include Emails, behavioural targeting, lead prioritization, and personalized advertising.

The efficiency and overall productivity of the company or business increase when these organizations focus on innovation, creative ideas, and internal processes. While using automation, employees can now work by concentrating mainly on manual tasks and optimizing various other company strategies that need human involvement. Automation can act as a critical factor in improving the productive analysis of the company by building a better environment for its employees to work in.

Automation can have tangible benefits to the company and bring a rise in its products through various ways, including

1. Mundane tasks can be eliminated and completed by automation, thus freeing up the employees’ time to focus on more creative and innovative work

2. The worker’s efficiency will be seen to increase if they are not overburdened

3. The efficiency of the warehouse can also be improved through the use of automation

4. Management areas like supply chain, accounting section, etc., can be enhanced and simplified by using automation technology.

Automation Tools

Altogether, automation allows its executives to be more precise in their roles and shift their focus towards much more essential tasks as with automation; they don’t have to check for every step of the process. In industrial automation, the physical process, like the assembly of the products, is cut down to have better precision workflow and environment.

Different types of Automation tools that can affect your business

Small businesses can use various automation tools, including


This software helps companies remain better organized and raise their product experience. “Asana” software aids in creating tasks with deadlines as it sends emails to its users as a reminder when the due date is approaching. The lessons are shared with a calendar that can be synced with Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple.

The task/project management software known as “Notion” gives complete control over how the environment has to be structured. Through this software, a full page can be set up containing lists, calendars, boards, and cards to organize the tasks proficiently.


For any medium-sized business, it becomes hard to personalize every interaction through the lead or request they are getting on different search engines or social media platforms. The automation feature provided by the sales and marketing automation tool helps organize the customer’s data in a more professional way, making the life of agents dealing with them much more accessible.


Astrobot and Eventbot are the two intelligent Email assistants used in offices to make the working environment of the employees easier and hence, improve overall productivity. Astrobot is an AI (artificial intelligence) tool automatically sorts emails according to priority while setting up the VIP contact list. Through Eventbot, you can get customized reminders after the user adds the relative information, including calendars, notes, or specific directions.


Chatbots are now both automated as well as powered by AI. MobileMonkey is a tool that can engage with chatbots through the website of the respective business, Facebook page, or ads. As they remain in the conversation, the customers don’t have to remember it and start over even after a long period. Botsify is another Ai-driven automation tool that helps companies in increasing their productivity. 


Automation can be treated as a future for managing and handling business strategies. It is low-cost software with improved efficiency and reduced error, provides excellent customer service and user satisfaction, and, above all, enables the growth of the company or business.

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