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Why UI & UX Design Is Important For Your Web Presence?

Why UI & UX Design Is Important For Your Web Presence?

Website and web applications, which were a static medium of data dissemination, have evolved into an exceptionally rich and intuitive experience. For improved client experience Website Pandas’ UI/UX Design services focus on, study and assess how end clients behave around an application, its usability, and impression...

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Website and web applications, which were a static medium of data dissemination, have evolved into an exceptionally rich and intuitive experience. For improved client experience Website Pandas’ UI/UX Design services focus on, study and assess how end clients behave around an application, its usability, and impression of the value of the application utility, features, and proficiency in performing assignments.

The coming of IT-insurgency and worldwide rivalry among organizations have prompted the requirement for market-oriented and dynamic sites to upgrade their corporate identity. As a UI & UX Design Company, we work together with our customers to add to an online methodology and broaden the website capacities utilizing the most recent advancements and solutions that puts businesses in the spotlight and get new business opportunities.

The mix of simple navigation, clear and brief content in addition to amazing visuals result in a high web experience impact that will empower our customers to take their products to the market at a quick pace. Also, this is the place we, as a UI & UX Design Company, steps in to help your business grow and succeed.


UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) is the distinction between a decent and terrible site. It takes the clients’ necessities into each phase of your product lifestyle. It incorporates all parts of the end-client interaction with your organization, its administrations, and its products.

An incredible client experience meets the precise needs of the client, without much trouble, essentially giving clients what they say they need. UX is the: What, When, Where, Why, Who, and How of a product – Essentially, it is everything that influences a client’s association with that product.

Our UI & UX Design Agency’s Techies put information triad of designing, human conduct and innovation to work for you making delightful and instinctive advanced experiences.


Our UI & UX Design Agency is a center that assist all your development activities. Website Pandas trusts that achievement of the application is characterized by how well UX has been given significance apart from the development quality.

Website Pandas takes at UI/UX as a four phase process;

Client focused analysis– Includes Task Analysis Documents with Persona Descriptions

Data structural engineering – Includes Site Architecture Document or Navigation Flow and Wire Frames

UI design – Includes User-Interface Design Mock-ups and Style Guides

Ease-of-use analysis – Includes Usability Analysis Document and Heuristic Evaluation Reports

While projects engender these UI/UX design platforms, the knowledge about expectations gets clearer, and prerequisites begin making sense.

UI/UX design is a critical attribute that impacts the greater part of our web and mobile application development. Our UI & UX design agency experts guarantee that last yield is delightful and conveys an intuitive advanced experience. They set up their comprehension of design, human conduct and innovation to work.



We Discover

In this phase of UI/UX design services, background data, for example, promoting and practical prerequisites are broken down and analyzed. This exploration prompts primary prototyping to explore design possibilities in the design phase.

We Design

This phase includes making a sitemap, intelligent prototypes, auditing, and refining, consolidating UI and visual design, ease of use testing and finishing the design.

We Deliver

In this phase of UI/UX design services, we work until the last review with continuous meetings held during implementation.


Usability Engineering Services

With the rising of new innovations, perspectives and client experiences of software, applications have gained tremendous significance in the competitive market. Website Pandas, as a UI & UX Design Company, having unfathomable involvement in software and project programming development administrations, understands that the achievement of any application relies upon convenience.

We are a well-bred UI & UX Design Agency that is confident in creating clear responses for complex issues. Our emphasis is on furnishing convincing User Experience with the assistance of UI design and solutions, user flow, intelligent prototypes, communication & client experience design to benefit our clients with –

  1. Expanded profitability with reduced cycle duration
  2. Enhanced Brand Presence
  3. Reduced Support Cost
  4. Enhanced discernment and consumer loyalty

Website Pandas UI & UX Design Company incorporates the need to see how to adjust specialized efficacy and visual components alongside giving the simplicity of utilizing the applications with lesser clicks and simple navigation steps. It furnishes you with a framework that is operational as well as usable and versatile to changing client needs.

Website Pandas’ experts have years of involvement in building outwardly engaging programming and applications that have an extremely intuitive flow which improves general client experience. Our UI & UX design agency group comprise of communication architects, visual and UX designers, and usability analysts. We have revived programming and applications for different commercial enterprises. We follow special platforms for designing and ease of use.

Design and Development Approach

Our client profits by ‘client-driven’ and ‘design-driven’ methodology into the entire programming development process, from conceptualization through acknowledgment and usage. Be it a desktop application, mobile application, Software Oriented Architecture, or Software as a Service, our methodology guarantees that we give frameworks that are adaptable, easy to utilize, effortlessly improved and maintained.



Value-Centered – We give quality based alternatives to adjust according to what makes the most to our clients. With community oriented and innovative activities our group considers diverse perspectives and points of view. Definite prerequisite assembling and comprehension of client needs are our priority.

Client Oriented – Our clients are profited with intuitive UI/UX Design services and applications that encourage with guides wherever required. We concentrate on going past designing and guaranteeing the execution to meet your objectives.

Quality Focused – Team concentrates on simple and direct deliverables for our clients. With logical story-sheets, idea plans, wireframes, presentation, and prototypes, we guarantee to meet a client’s desirable needs. Our involvement with run-of-the-mill and ease-of-use reviews serves to justify interpretations to overcome ambiguities in our process.


The client interface is the window through which the world experiences your site, application, or framework. Indeed, even the most complex code and otherworldly plan fall flat if the site isn’t easy to navigate. An effective client interface connects the gap between the human mind and the advanced software. Understanding human conduct is vital to opening an excellent client experience. Whether you are redesigning a current site or starting from the earliest stage, our UI & UX Design Company group can work together with you to make a fresh ordeal.


One of our favored positions is our variety of all-encompassing advanced offerings. We begin with UI work, and immediately continue to front-end design and back-end development, then market it if necessary. We understand the bigger picture of UI/UX platform, so we plan in relation to the execution, knowing all the cutting edge capacities of present-day innovation. Since we are with you from idea to delivery, we can execute with speed and dexterity.


We think arranging lays the preparation for a fruitful interface at all levels, microsite to the big business site. Our group incorporates exquisite format plan in connection of bleeding edge innovation to develop UI wireframes for your crowd. This procedure ranges from snappy and basic designs to broad wireframing for each screen, in our designing or yours.


Ease of use analysis mixes workmanship with science. Our UI/UX design services cover the range, measuring points of interest and assessing elusive charm. The Fresh Consulting UX system covers general classifications in an adaptable structure beginning with key criteria for light analysis or for an extensive report.

In the wake of considering extra measurements, we deliver a subjective analysis, considering immaterial qualities and shortcomings. Our last report starts with a left-brain analysis to distinguish the greater part of the issues as we get ready for the right-brain motivation and visuals. Eventually, we deliver a new client experience that is stylish, conceptual and takes care of issues.


  • Focused Surveys – we trust that measurements are important to the context. Our UI/UX system pinpoints results utilizing contenders for context.
  • We follow Quantitative Metrics.
  • We use Subjective Agenda.


  • Proposals from Experts
  • Sample Testing for Identifying Inconsistencies
  • Cutting edge Suggestions in view of new innovation

For UI Testing, two heads are superior to one. Every phase of UI design is improved through human testing (don’t fret PETA – our programmers never test on animals). For a basic interface, light criticism from a couple of people may give adequate understanding to refine the client experience. In more mind boggling circumstances, our group is ready to deliver broad testing, drawing on various UI testing methods to recognize solutions before going live.



  • Client Observations
  • Expert Reviews
  • External User Tests


  • Light Service – Wireframe Key Screens, Quick User Observations, and Expert Consultations
  • Standard Service – Wireframe, Expert Analysis, User Observations, Surveys, and A/B Testing
  • Exhaustive Service – Wireframe, Expert Analysis, Heavy User Observations, Surveys with Analysis, A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, Quantitative Analysis, an extensive UX Checklist, Mouse Tracking and Card Sorting.


To know more on our UI/UX Designing Experience, approach us for a demo!

Ankur Goyal
Ankur Goyal

Ankur is a Digital Evangelist with over 20 years of work experience. Ankur has been managing Google and Facebook Ads for over ten years. He loves the digital world and everything about it! His goal is to help as many businesses as possible by sharing his knowledge of online marketing with them.

Ankur has an extensive background in Shopify, E Commerce, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategies, Sales Funnels, and Conversion Rate Optimization. He is a founder of Website Pandas – a digital agency specializing in Web Design & development, Digital Marketing, and Data Analysis & Optimization. Apart from managing overall agency operations, Ankur also leads the company's digital marketing efforts.



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