Webhooks with Node.js:

Webhooks are called “user-defined HTTP callbacks”. Webhooks is the way in which an app can send automated information or message to other app to convey some activity. They are usually triggered by some event, such as pushed code to a repository or comment posted to a blog. It needs a trigger to initiate it’s execution. For eg: a credit/debit message notification to an account holder’s registered emailId or mobile number post completion of a bank transaction.

Webhooks are more efficient for both consumer and provider as they are spontaneous and fast. A webhook on successful completion of an event initiates a trigger to some other application. This happens spontaneously, unlike typical APIs where user needs to reload or refresh to get real-time data. Webhooks are widely used in training chatbots to respond to a customer query.

Webhook Workflow in Node.js:

Webhooks can be deployed on event-driven systems because it is based on the observation pattern, which makes node.js a suited framework for creating webhooks. Node.js itself is an event-driven system. Another thing to consider is that webhooks use web servers for communication, hence they rely on HTTP-protocol in all cases.

One has to register a webhook by registering the URL to notify the occurrence of an expected event. This call is done by API or URL over HTTP. Then the controller route identifies the call and pushes the execution of a respective task to be performed post event occurrence. In this way, system doesn’t need to keep track of the task to be performed post occurrence of the event. It just need to delegate the call to the respective route.

Building Webhooks with node.js

So webhooks are critical for intra-communication in app services. We assist in creating webhooks for any kind of system and their integration with other outside services. Whether your application has pre-built webhooks and you need to upgrade them or if you need to add new webhooks for the new services you are planning to bring into your application, our development team has you covered.