PHP Maintenance And Support

WordPress, a very well known CMS (content Management System), written in PHP language, powers almost 30 percent of websites over Internet. WordPress is equally famous among hackers too, as it is relatively easy to hack, if it’s not maintained properly. Lot of times, we see a version update in our WordPress dashboard. It’s not necessary that we have to make every version update of either the WordPress or any other plug in that we may be using in our site as you won’t know whether the new version is compatible with the existing functionality of your website or not. As WordPress is an open source, there are lot of free plugins available; with all these freebies, there is security threat as people don’t know that apart from serving the intended functionality, what else these free plugins will install on our website. Monitoring and updating your core WordPress system as well as plugins is very critical as it open doors for hacker’s community to hack your site and install unwanted software on your site. This will not only compromise the functionality of your site but may also redirect your users to somewhere else and create a security threat for them. Google may ban your site too from search engines.

Other than overcoming security threats, website maintenance also covers enhancing existing applications, adding new content to your site, ensuring website uptime, working with your marketing team and make changes to site content or add new pages as per the new marketing strategy, database maintenance, site back up, fixing ongoing SEO related issue such as Title update, meta description update, canonical tags, redirects, H1, H2, H3 tags, schema update, fixing issues from Google Webmaster Tools, etc.

PHP Maintenance and Support Services

At Website Pandas, our dedicated Website Maintenance team monitors websites 24/7 and ensures that all our clients website remains professionally maintained. The website maintained by us significantly reduces costs of our clients as it eliminates the need to hire individual designers or programmers at your end. We help you achieve a competitive business advantage by focusing on your core business competencies and keep you free from web management services and content management systems. Some of our website maintenance services includes:

  • Assessment of existing systems
  • Regular monitoring for problems and bugs
  • Instant Bug Fixing
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  • New Development and Upgrades
  • Enhancements of existing module
  • Technical Improvement
  • Monitoring of Existing Solutions
  • New Functionality Implementation
  • Legacy Migration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Application Documenting
  • 24×7 Customer support service
  • Smooth and easy communication
  • Enterprise Integration Support
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Support For Digital Transformation
  • Environmental Backup And Restore
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Architecture Review
  • Emergency Support
  • Server Support
  • Website Audits