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The worldwide web today is highly dependent on different gadgets, screen sizes, and resolutions. Overseeing diverse code base for distinctive gadgets and resolutions is not a productive solution. Website Pandas offers expert mobile responsive website design services and solutions by making sites and applications savvy enough to resize and adjust its content taking into account the screen size of the gadget.

Architects have it harder now than before. They need to design for stationary gadgets, as well as tablet and smartphones, and since we are discussing many screen sizes and resolutions here, it’s a tremendous project to bear. In light of this, hiring a responsive website design company to make your site mobile responsive could be the best solution. It offers more than only a simple mobile format; rather, your whole site format is designed to be sufficiently adaptable to fit into any possible screen resolution. To match up with the growing demand of a mobile-driven and technologically-enhanced world, Website Pandas presents a range of expert mobile responsive website design services to clients worldwide.


Responsive Web Design is a driven path in web designing, focused to shape sites to give an incredible survey experience – simple to explore and simple to peruse with negligible need of zooming in, zooming out, vertical and horizontal scrolling – and supports a wide range of gadgets (Desktops, Laptops, Mobile and Apple gadgets.)

The mobile responsive web design company experts expand on current XHTML, CSS and JavaScript structures offering elements, for example, media inquiries that distinguish a browser resolution and CSS scripts that adjust components agreeing to the format for a specific gadget. In responsive web design, measurements are given in percentage so that the configuration gets to be liquid and modify itself taking into account the browser window size.

Responsive Web Design is a UI (User Interface) design reasoning that expects to create and convey an advanced site experience on gadgets with diverse widths and distinctive resolutions: PC, notebook, tablet, PDA, and so forth. It is an innovation design that web experts code by designing templates of the site in a way that its format mysteriously alters itself to fit seamlessly the width of the browser in which it is being seen.

As a Mobile responsive web design company, Website Pandas designs and creates web applications that superbly work across every single real gadget, including mobiles and desktops. We add all gadgets compatibility and Search Engine friendly coding to websites. Majority of users are utilizing advanced mobile phones or smartphones as a part of aggregate world populace, making sites that are gadget compatible or mobile optimized is the best technique to brand and market your business.


As more individuals are starting to utilize smartphones, as smartphones and tablets, for each assignment that used to be compatible on desktop, one thing has turned out to be clear: mobile is assuming control over Internet surfing. Furthermore, it’s not simply surfing. It’s the beginning and end from skimming social networking sites, checking messages and emails and engaging in online shopping.

Since mobile Internet use is expanding relentlessly, it’s critical that your site is mobile optimized. Generally, this isn’t a significant concern. You have a site designed for mobile clients and another site designed particularly for desktop clients. In any case, is it conceivable to have a site that is similarly positive for both desktop and mobile clients?

There is a design that can deal with both types of interface clients – it’s called desktop and mobile responsive web design. Website Pandas uses both interfaces to tailor-make our expert mobile responsive website design services as per client demands.


Here are critical reasons why you ought to go for expert mobile responsive website design services.


Step onto the outside world and you’ll certainly see many individuals on their smartphones. Truth be told, it appears that pretty much everybody is joined at the hip with their smartphones. For reasons unknown, on the other hand, there are numerous organizations that have not yet grabbed on this trend. Perhaps they could utilize the accompanying details from experts to persuade them that the number of mobile users has soared.


Be that as it may, why does Google lean toward responsive design? For one thing, it’s more proficient for Google to bootstrap the website and after that list and sort out all the content that is on the web. The explanation behind this is that with responsive design, all sites have only one URL and the same HTML over all gadgets. When a business has a desktop and mobile site, there will be an alternate URL and diverse HTML for each. This strengthens Google to slither and list numerous forms of the same accurate site.

Likewise, when there is only one site and URL, it’s much simpler for clients to share, draw in and engage with content on that site in contrast with a site that has diverse pages for mobile and desktop clients. Google is a devotee of that too. Why? Since it considers the possibility that somebody shared a mobile site on an online networking platform, and one of their associations saw that mobile web page on their desktop. That viewer would then be seeing a not-so-ideal site because it was proposed for a mobile. This makes the client despondent.

What’s more, Google understands that troubled individuals will go somewhere else, implying bounce rates increments and that the site won’t rank on mobile projects. This makes an enormous cerebral pain including Google’s outer connection calculation and on-page slips. Thus, additionally hurts your SEO.

As it were, it’s only terrible for business for both Google and the greater part of the sites that aren’t exploiting the benefits of a mobile responsive website design.


Website Pandas is a responsive website design company that gives clients a superior design and services. Case in point, clients don’t need to mess around with zooming and contracting the content or pictures on the screen. Rather, the greater part of the content consequently changes with the screen of the gadget. This makes it less demanding and more advantageous for clients to peruse and explore on your site.

There are reasons why expert mobile responsive website design services is so critical to ensuring exceptional user experience. As per Google’s insights into Mobile, when somebody touch base on your mobile site and is baffled, or doesn’t see the content that they are scanning for promptly, there’s a 80 percent chance they will head to another site. Nonetheless, when a client has had a positive involvement with your mobile site, that individual will be 68 percent more prone to purchase a product or utilize your services.


In the business world, you need to stay in front of the competition. In this way, if more clients are utilizing their smartphones to inquire and purchase on the web, you need to coddle that by ensuring your website is mobile optimized. Actually, almost 85 percent of adults trust that a mobile site must be as great, if not superior to anything, as a desktop site.

In the event that that doesn’t persuade you enough. As a Mobile responsive web design company, we updated our own organization site to have a responsive design. That change got us closer to our clients and visits tripled almost instantly. We have handled projects for clients who have had comparable results after they got us to redesign their websites to make it mobile friendly. Stay in front of your rival and have a site that emerges – Your business will witness a major shift that has a positive effect on your business.

The odds are that your contenders aren’t using responsive designs, which implies that they are missing out on prospects. What’s more, that is when you can stay ahead and lure those clients away.


Website Pandas makes adaptable designs for client sites to look incredible on all platforms paying little attention to whether it is a landscape purview on a desktop or a portrait oriented purview on a smartphone. The advantages are self-evident, you create a site just once, and it lives up to expectations consistently across many diverse screens and gadgets.

Having a mobile application doubtlessly has its advantages; however, having a mobile responsive website ensures that every single mobile user who uses your site has a wonderful and fruitful experience. For organizations, it offers the simplest approach to attaining clients over different gadgets. For clients, it guarantees an extraordinary experience on each screen.

When responsive website design isn’t the best alternative, Website Pandas’ responsive website design company experts can create custom mobile sites. For sites with a lot of content, it is any day better for mobile clients to disentangle the site and highlight data that will be helpful to a user from a smartphone.

Mobile websites allow a magnificent favorable position and are valuable for taking care of convenience issues, mobile search rankings, social feasibility, and third party referencing. When organizing your mobile site, we consider how mobile users are communicating with your present site and designs and add to the mobile site to be alluring and achievable to mobile clients; all mobile and tablet platform are suited.

With a different mobile site, Website Pandas will empower a unique subdomain Google Analytics profile, permitting the following of mobile activity and the path to be precise and exact. With exactness comes boundless alternatives of lead generation, mobile advertising, mobile-specific SEO, and ultimately, the rate of profitability.

If it’s not too much trouble to get in touch with us, allow our capable and experienced professionals redesign your current site to be mobile optimized for better traction and business sales!

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